The (possible) end of two party politics?

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    Nov 15, 2010 8:30 AM GMT
    As it stands, in the "good old" US of A, we just bicker between the asses and the elephants about whose political ideas are better rather than actually solving anything. I've always valued the idea of a third party, but I've always felt as if the American public is too brainwashed by the "Either/Or" effect that we have with our bipartisan political structure to actually give any of the third parties a chance. Third parties are generally very special interest groups that make some waves, then die out once their voices have (eventually) been heard..

    But, with the rise of the Tea Party (ugh) & more and more politicians labelling themselves as "Progressive", it almost seems as though we could be seeing new political parties. However, that would be too fortunate for this country so it seems very unlikely to happen. What are your thoughts? Will the Tea-Baggers separate from the Republicans? What about the progressives, who, as a whole, are griping about Obama, form a new party?

    It would make a very interesting spectrum: Tea Party as the far right, Republicans as the right, Democrats as the left, and Progressives as the far left & of course other parties would fall in where they fit.


    (Apologies if this is similar to another thread. I did a RJ search for "Third party" and didn't find anything like this idea)
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    Nov 15, 2010 8:53 AM GMT
    I'm a realist.
    There will never be a third party President of the United States unless there are extremely unusual circumstances, which would be that the Democratic and Republican candidates were extremely unpopular, plus there would have to be a third party candidate who really caught fire with the voters.
    As for now, people who vote for third party candidates are just throwing away their votes, and almost always helping to throw the election to the candidate whom they would least like to have in office.
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    Nov 15, 2010 2:38 PM GMT
    A third Party comes into play in Congress, wherat any proposal needs the cooperation of at least two parties.

    This actual makes for very good governance.

    (in the experience of countries that have multi-party systems the third party candidate is resigned to never being in charge of the executive - they just stringlyu influence influence legislation.

    that is termed a "minority" government.

    Canadians of all stripes generally agree we are best served in that scenario.

    Both parties have to water their wine a bit to get enough support to put through legislation.

    If Congress were similarly split three ways - that "supermajority" can be cobbled together on a per Bill basis.

    I doubt theTea Party will become that third party - I suspect it is more likely a Progressive Party will become that third as the GOP absorbs the Tea Party.

    What happened up here is the far right started the Reform Party - ended up splitting the vote, so they merged with the Conservatives ( from whom they split in the first place) - taking control of the Party and then the brand name - dropping the word "Progressive" from the "Progressive Conservative Party.

    Reform thus became the Consrvative Party ( a union of Reform and the PCs)
    ( they were sued by the rump PC Party over the use of the name. The new Conservatives were happy to dump the word Progressive.

    As a sidenote - the union happened by the PC leader first promising his Party there would be NO merger then he immediately betrayed them all by making a backroom deal with Preston Manning for a plum job in a new Party - then they came out an announced a fait acompli.

    The rest of the PCs were purged.

    (One PC member of Parliament came to work to find his office had been moved into the basement of a whole separate building far away from the Hill.

    He quit and was re-elected as an Independant. He sits alone in the House.

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    Nov 15, 2010 2:45 PM GMT
    That Rand Paul fellow announced when he won that the tea party was going to take over the Republican Party.