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    Mar 15, 2008 5:53 AM GMT
    Just wondering if anyone can give any good advice/ideas about places to visit in Cancun. Going the first week in April and would love to hear any stories you guys have if you have been there. Let me know the hot spots and not-to-miss attractions;)
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    Mar 15, 2008 7:28 AM GMT
    icon_biggrin.gifDUDE MOON PALACE WAS AMAZING WHEN I WENT BRO! i went last year and stayed on that strip and it was really cool. the only thing is i haven't been this year and dont know how things look after that big tsunomi went through there. so maybe check it out. but it is for sure cool dude. the other thing is to make SURE to visit senior frogs. its so much fun dude. i think ill be back there this up this year (march 38-april 7) for a suprise birthday gift from the parents. they have been hinting at something cool.

    anyway i hope you have fun because its AMAZING bro!
  • Gabriel

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    Mar 15, 2008 4:21 PM GMT
    If you like glitz and commercialism you will enjoy Cancun. Beaches are nice but if you prefer a more relaxed vacation resorts south - in Playa Del Carmen is nice. Smaller city, no building over 3 stories, great vibe!

    Just a note however, the resorts in the Playacar area (south of the city) are experiencing some beach erosion at this time (it's cyclical, beach moves up and down the coast, will be back soon enough) so if you want beach, avoid that area at this time.

    My partner and I have been going to that area for 5 years now - love it. If you don't mind mixed resorts, go to the Iberostars - great service, great rooms, good food.

    It's possible to rent a car and explore the area (driving is possible, just be careful with speedtraps (hotel zone cancun, entering playa, exiting playa) the cops expect bribes from Turistas.

    Things to do : Visit: Tulum, Chichen Itsa and a brand new site called Ek Balam...
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    Mar 15, 2008 4:42 PM GMT
    I was there a few weeks ago. I stayed in the Club International of Cancun. It was one of the older resorts, but had nice rooms. This place is part of the group of resorts, Royal Island, Royal Mayan, Royal Sands, and, I think, the Royal Caribbean. There is a spa in the Royal Sands which has a small, but very good weight room. The beach at the CIC was great and not very populated, but I was fine with that. The Royal Sands was busier, but is also the newest of the resorts in Cancun proper.

    I went to Chichen-Itza and had a great time. If you are interested in going to a gay bar to two, there are two there: Karamba and Picante. I would go to Karamba, but don't expect the shows, ie, dancers, drag shows to start early; they start at 2 am. Picante is smaller and I didn't like the place all that much. Both of these places are located in downtown Cancun. You can take any of the buses downtown for $6.50 pesos. There is a gay-owned and operated cafe located right under Karamba. I cannot remember the name of it though.

    If you don't go to an all-inclusive resort, and even if you do, I preferred the food at the restaurants in downtown Cancun rather then in resort restaurants where I stayed and visited. That was just my opinion. I do have a few pictures on my profile from my trip. I'll post a few more soon.

    I'll be going back to hit Tolum and other places next year.