..icon_eek.gif I keep myself bz jogging around my neighboorhood; after that, i just turn on the computer and just play MMORPG's...... icon_eek.gif well..only one..cuz too much of everything is bad enough...icon_razz.gificon_eek.gif ..so anyway..im just wondering if there's any1 who plays "Maplestory". icon_smile.gif If you do, please add me in my IGN: "xIamLx". icon_biggrin.gif World: "Windia". ;) lvl72 Sniper.

icon_eek.gificon_confused.gif I used to play BattleRealms, Star Craft. lol...now idk why i love killing cute things. MS_Monster_Orange_Mushroom.png <---- I want to kill that now. LOL!