Wants and Needs....To much??

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    Nov 23, 2010 1:50 AM GMT
    There are a couple of things I wait for when I am starting to see a guy to see if he is going to last, I don't know if I am being unrealistic with my head in the clouds or if others have similar "wants/needs"

    1. I want the guy to kiss me like its our first and last kiss...not everytime but once in a while I want to feel passion...not "fish lips" so to speak. This is perhaps one of my biggest "want/need". Im not saying every kiss has to be a makeout session but I want to feel the passion like he really wants nothing in the world but to kiss me at that moment.
    2. A compliment once in a while without fishing for one.....If I change something....maybe perhaps notice it? lol Not asking to notice when I wear a different cologne or something small but if I make a big change, noticing and paying a compliment would be nice
    3. I want a romantic, doesn't have to be all the time, but when we set up a "date night" I expect it to be a "DATE NIGHT"....not arrive to his appartment with him wearing his best sweats and spend the night watching poker (dont get me wrong, normal days sure, I love poker and just hanging around....but not date night) We dont have to go out, a nice dinner in and an activity together...or we can go out and have a nice night....once again...not poker and sweats....icon_rolleyes.gif
    4. I want him to say "I love you" once in a while....when we get to that point, not give me the "if I don't say otherwise just assume it hasn't changed" bs...I mean wtf is that?
    5. Don't judge my friends and look down on them....they were here before you buddy
    6. Take care of youself...in many apects of the word...Im not mommy....and I shouldn't have to tell you when things are getting to long and gross....when there might be too much to you...physically....., or make your life decisions for you.
    7. I love to meet family and intergrate our lives...BUT!....mommy has to go home and leave us alone once in a while, and you have to wear your big boy pants when shes gone.
    8. And if I have an interest that you do not share, sure you can tease me or whatever if you want to be funny but Dont put what other people like down just because you don't....teasing is one thing, but being insulting is quite another

    I have had some guys in the past measure up to some and not others or some not have any at all, is it too much to ask for? Am I searching for a man that doesn't exsist?
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    Nov 23, 2010 6:19 AM GMT
    Maybe not, but good luck finding that guy before someone else (with a pic) does...
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    Nov 23, 2010 1:38 PM GMT
    If bio technology had the ability to create an ideal partner to match to a suitable mate, would the world be truly be a happy place?

    I all honesty the expectations you have leaves very little room for error.

    You're trying to sound compromising but it sort indicates is that your partner should have these set qualities that you're looking for. And your future might very well leave you because you have placed all of what you've listed as priority/

    All the things that you've mentioned...Should occur naturally and not forcefully...If he doesn't do the one or the other , be willing to over look it...

    The only time you should consider dumping him is when he doesn't do anything at all to really make you feel special...