So I just started taking Testim, need muscle building opinion

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    Nov 27, 2010 8:10 PM GMT
    Following a number of bloodwork and testing, my doctor has put me on Testim (5g, gel, apply once a day) to increase my level of Testosterone as my free Testosterone count was low. Today is day two of a 3 month routine. This is my first time with anything related to Testosterone, and I am going to use it religiously to improve my well being - you can read up about the symptoms of low Testosterone.

    I have read about the side effects which include some positive ones for those of us who lift weight, and I want to get people's opinions on how to best take advantage of this to improve my body composition.

    I'm 6'1, 200lbs, body fat is about 18%, diet is clean, eat 5x per day. Progress since the first time I hit the gym last year has been sloooooow.

    I have been doing the 5x5 strength building routine for the last 3 weeks, I like it but I seem to have pulled something in my left leg and it hurts on every lift. Also, legs are huge (even get compliments from other guys in gym), and with the squats every other day I am thinking I don't want to become a pear-shaped dude. My pants are on the tight side now.

    My weakness is in upper body, I want bigger pecs, bigger arms and bigger shoulders. Given that I am taking Testim which should boost my Testosterone, what upper body workouts should I focus on to build chest, back and arms?

    Your thoughts and suggestions are much appreciated.
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    Nov 27, 2010 8:37 PM GMT
    I was also proscribed Testim to correct low testosterone. But at 60, not 32, which I think is a bit young for this to be occurring naturally for you as it did with me. I attained no improvements at all with Testim, not even raising my testosterone. Some men do not respond to it.

    Plus the hassle & smell were just too much. Women especially were always commenting on my "cologne." I've never worn scents in my life, and the cheap smell of Testim being that obvious to others was just plain insulting.

    What did raise my testosterone to low-normal levels was more aerobic exercise and a generally more active, less sedentary lifestyle. Plus I deliberately stimulate myself with gay porn, and sleep with and have sex with a gay partner. I think that approach is generally based on the classic formula "use it or lose it" and testosterone levels are no different.
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    Nov 27, 2010 11:21 PM GMT
    Adding the Testim to boost your levels doesn't mean any particular workout will boost it's effects.

    I'm not sure why someone would subscribe a gel when you can alter your diet to perform the same thing naturally.

    If you want to alter the upper body you need to focus on Shoulders, chest, back and arms (you didn't mention shoulders).

    Best training routine is to make sure you do not train arms the same day as shoulders or at least keep the training apart as arm workouts have the tendency to take away a good shoulder pump.

    For chest size, I would recommend sticking with a dumbbell press and flyes and avoid the barbell press. For the Back, bent over rows and lat pulldowns work well. Shoulders I prefer lateral raises and front raises with an Arnold press as well even add in the military press.

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    Nov 28, 2010 12:12 AM GMT
    Your body only absorbs a small percentage of an already low dosage of testosterone in Testim. Don't expect to see drastic results. I was on that for 3 months, then onto Androgel for another 3 month. Now I've been injecting testosterone 400ml weekly for over a year and the gains in energy, strength, and mass have significantly increased.
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    Nov 28, 2010 6:32 AM GMT
    There are important reasons that your body might not get results from Testim or Androgel. The body tends to convert a significant amount of those products into Estrogen especially if you have elevated levels of Prolactin. If your prolactin level is elevated, you would need to reduce it by taking Parlodell or Cabergoline and then the Testim or Andro should work magic. Then again, if you are getting fat or flabby for no apparent reason (like bad diet/lack of exercise) and have any headaches or lower than usual sex drive, it might be wise to check all hormone levels and consider doing an MRI of the brain (to check for a pituitary tumor). Symptoms of pituitary disease often manifest themselves in problems like elevated lipid levels and depression.
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    Nov 28, 2010 7:50 AM GMT
    My body needs testosterone. My last test was 85. A man is suppose to be between 300 to 1,000 ng of testosterone. Symptoms were crying, depressed, moodiness, hot flashes an over all feeling of going crazy and thoughts of killing myself. But what really convinced me that something was wrong, was I could not get erections and had no sexual interest at all.

    Injections were prescribed for me. I just injected myself with testosterone tonight. I inject myself every 2 weeks. I've been using testosterone for 10 years now.

    My advise is to do what is normal and natural for you in the gym. For whatever body part you want to work on, the testosterone will enhance your body no matter what exercises you do. In fact you don't even have to do exercising and it will naturally add some muscle to your body.

    The only disadvantage of testosterone, in my opinion, is that it shrinks my balls down to jellybean size, but it is worth it for my mental stability. You will be able to know what level your testosterone is by the size of your balls. If your balls get bigger, your testosterone is running low.

    A book that taught me and encouraged me was The Testosterone Syndrome: The Critical Factor for Energy, Health, and Sexuality--Reversing the Male Menopause. You can purchase it at for $11.53, but it doesn't have much info on exercise. But I highly recommend it for removing any fears. It will teach you about testosterone in ways you've never heard before. This book will tell you that the benefits of using testosterone far outweigh any disadvantages of using testosterone.

    If you have any questions email me.

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    Nov 28, 2010 7:24 PM GMT
    Testosterone promotes a sense of well being.

    Androgel and Testim aren't all that good, are in patent, and very expensive. Get your test adjusted to 1000 to 1200, and ask your doctor to give you test base in EMU from a compounded prescription. It'll run about $30 to $50 a month, and be vastly more effective.

    Studies with geriatrics, and AIDS patients, have shown there's much benefit to being adjusted to 1000, or higher.

    You'll notice an improved sense of well being, less bone and muscle loss, less illness, and you'll enjoy protection against Parkinson's and Alzheimer's as increased exercise performance and it'll protect your heart, as well as improved body composition.

    You're on the WRONG program (5 X 5) for sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. You'll want to study up on that.
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    Nov 28, 2010 7:47 PM GMT
    Incline/Decline Bar Bell Bench Press followed by Dumb Bell Bench Press. If you have anything left in you find something with a cable. Do it as much as you can then let it be for a few days. That always makes them explode.
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    Dec 05, 2010 8:12 AM GMT
    Thanks all. I value your inputs.

    @Art_Deco you're like the poster child against Testim, I have read your posts on every Testim-related post. The smell is alright, I guess, given that I do wear cologne as well. However, I do not want it to be my scent, and having read a few posts about it, I am a bit more self conscious. I have decided to use it after my evening post-gym shower.

    @sydney_cider interresting you mention diet etc. Been down that path, squatted like a MoFo all year and within the last 6 months my numbers actually were a bit lower. I am focusing on shoulders, chest arms and back now. My legs are huge and I am taking time off them, although I am considering light body weight squat/lunges to try and tone them out.

    @CuriousOne thanks for the insight. Injectables may be the way to go, but I want to try this out first, working with my doctor to see what the deal is. Gaining muscles is not the reason why I am on Testim, and want to see the benefits to my overall being first, if any, before I ask for something else.

    @Citrushills you have managed to scare me.

    @FurMur1 yes I am weary of shrinkage. I hear that they grow back when you're off testosterone. Perhaps my sex life will have improved then.

    @chuckystud thanks man. The cost is up there for sure, I paid $130 for a one-month supply. My insurance does not cover it, but have work-related funds I can apply towards this. I would prefer to save those $s for other things like contacts or glasses, but I can still afford to pay for it. I will ask for a lower cost alternative the next time I see the doctor. I'm off 5x5 because I managed to hurt myself, and now am focusing on chest/shoulders/arms/back.

    @Vaughn thanks. I have to start doing dumbell presses. But my chest workout the other day was all bar bell incline/decline/flat. Explosive indeed. Today, an arm day, I just did flat and then went on to arms.

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    Dec 05, 2010 5:52 PM GMT
    I personally believe that testim isn't going to give you much of a difference in body composition. The dosage is just too low. If the doc's intent is just to get you into the normal range of testo for your age, don't expect miracles. Instead, you should be injecting 125mg of testo cyp or enan per week. That is sufficient to push your levels up to around 800 with no side effects other than HPTA shutdown (testicular shrinkage and possibly turning off sperm production). How long are you supposed to use the stuff? Cuz once you go off it, you go back to where you were.

    Steroids are successful in bodybuilding because of the extra-high dosages.