I Can Make You Thin, with Paul McCrenna

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    Mar 17, 2008 3:37 AM GMT
    I just saw the first episode tonight.

    4 Golden Rules that he gave tonight...

    1) When hungry, go eat.
    ...not eating sends the body into starvation mode

    2) Eat what you want
    .....clear your kitchen of all the foods that you have cuz you think you should eat them to lose weight.

    3) *Eat consciously*
    .....eat slowly
    .....put down the silverware after eat bite while you chew
    .....savor the taste of eat bite
    .....no distractions during eating: no TV, no reading, etc.

    4) When you think you're full, stop eating
    .....try eating blindfolded to be less distracted by the amount on your plate, and better to "hear" your stomach say it's full
    .....if you are hungry again 10 minutes later, see Rule #1

    Next week's topic...Emotional Eating
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    Mar 17, 2008 10:26 AM GMT
    I do not have a resource for this but I have heard in the past that it takes about 20 minutes after you are really full for the brain to signal you that you are full. Therefore, eating slowly makes a lot of sense, but if this is true than you should stop eating before you start feeling full and wait to see if you are really full in 20 minutes. So many people eat a quickie meal but in the past people spent a lot more time eating because they filled the time with conversation. This is still true in many parts of Europe, interestingly in those parts that have few "fat" people.