I've been trying to get back into working out and I realized there are so many different viewpoints on how to schedule a routine. I have had people tell me go in and do one muscle group a day with 6 exercises. I have had people tell me, no don't do that - do 2 groups a day with 3 exercises. I have also heard don't do that follow a more balanced routine (like the 12-week beginner program). I realize it also depends what you're lifting too. But, after hearing all these options - i'm almost scared to start lifting because I might do the wrong routine. I want this thread to be about general guidelines (what muscle not to do one after the other, how many exercises per group, abs everyday?, etc.)

However, if you want to hear my personal goals - I have dumbbells and an adjustable bench, treadmill, and a bike. I'm pretty lean and a little small so I want to get more muscle and get bigger (not fat of course). Thanks for any help!