armor in many cultures is molded to fit over a very strong, muscluar form. even if the body beneath isn't toned to the degree indicated by the shell, the casing still makes the fighter look more manly. look at greek/roman curiasses or modern day uniforms as an example.

i don't remember where or when i read this concept first, but looking around at the profiles here and reading some of the flame wars (and contributing to several of them myself), i realized how obvious it is in some cases:

many gay men seem to admire/desire a ripped body, not just because of a sexual attraction to "masculinity" and "maleness," but also out of fear. by putting on an external show of brute stength the inner self is safer from the world's cruelties? might this not explain (at least in part) some of the ridiculously hot people here contributing to ridiculously over-sensitive conversations in a hysterical tone of self-defense?

aside from the aesthetic and health benefits, do you agree or disagree that many gay men also worship the jock bod and seek to attain it because it makes them feel less likely to be ostracized, attacked (verbally/emotionally/physically), or killed?