Last night (Fri, Dec 3) my partner & I went with his sister and her friend to a regional theatre production of On The Town, the 1944 Broadway musical composed by Leonard Berstein, Betty Comden and Adolph Green. It's better known today for the 1949 Gene Kelly - Frank Sinatra MGM film musical version, that cut most of the original Bernstein music.

I wasn't expecting much, because it requires strong voices, ballet dance moves, a big cast, impressive sets, period costuming, and especially for me, faithful adherence to the original Bernstein score. Well, guess what? It did all that, and more. I was stunned that such talent existed in the South Florida cultural desert, and staged in this rather unimpressive theatre I believe was converted from movie use.

The weak point was some of the dancing, which was indeed uneven, as some local reviews noted. But I thought the choreography and blocking were good, given the small stage to which they were confined. I really liked the faithful period costumes, even the wigs being perfect 1940s (except for a museum guide, who looked like Albert Einstein meets Gilda Radner as Rosanne Rosanadanna).

It runs through Sunday, Dec 5, if anyone wants to see it at the Stage Door Theatre.