Hi there!
Actually I'm an 18 year-old girl from Denmark, and I'm straight. First of all, I want to make it absolutely clear that it isn't my attention to abuse this site at all, I actually just need some help.

I'm finishing high school this year and right now I'm working on my biggest project, where the I've chosen male homosexuality in America as my main topic. Therefore I would be thrilled if some, or just one, of you american gays out there, would tell me your story. What I need for you is:

- Some general facts as age, gender, name (its okay if you want to be anynomous) and a kind of agreement or premission that I can use it in my project, as long as it wont be published anywhere but in my project.
- A description of your childhood and relationship to your parrents and siblings.
- And at last you oppinion of how its to be gay in an american society in our time.
- (A description how your relationship(s) with other men have been like).

Because its a school-job, I'm not allowed to offer you any kind of money for your job, so I dont expect you to put a lot of work in it, eventhough it would be fantastic.

I hope, hope, hope to hear from you.

XOXO Amalie from Denmark.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes :-)