Upscale gyms in NYC

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    Dec 07, 2010 4:15 PM GMT
    Hey guys, I just moved from Spain to NYC, and have been checking out several gyms to see which best suits my needs. I admit I've been quite spoiled so far if it comes to gyms in Spain, the price / quality relationship for health clubs there is truly amazing. So I knew I'd probably pay way more for my gym here if I wanted the same standard.

    I ended up subscribing in Equinox. I tried NYSC, Crunch, Gold's as well. I didn't dislike any of those, but apart from properly working out, I also consider my gym as a 'second home' where I can disconnect and relax after wark. A decent Spa area is a must. Strangely enough, even the up-scale Equinox isn't really what I expected for that price actually. The sauna and turkish bath seem very modest to me, and I'm missing areas where you can really chill out with jacuzzi's, lying beds, etc... I mean... there are so many people with tonnes of money in NY, howcome the standards for gyms is so low here?

    Just as a matter of comparison, here is a link to a gallery of my gym in Spain, I pay 50 euros per month there, which would be about 70 USD I guess. Frustrating.

    Any interested investors who give me the funds to start a new branch in NY? :-)

    all the best

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    Dec 07, 2010 5:07 PM GMT
    For upscale I liked The Sports Club LA in the east sixties ( though some people swear by Club Reebok in the west sixties ( Not sure if either have the spa lounging experience you're looking for.