Well, I just gotta speak my mind a bit. It seems alot of the "gay community" is doing some major complaining about their rights as a citizen in the USA. I have got to say, I don't agree with most of their complaints.
For starters, I DO personally believe, the term "marriage" is reserved for a man and a women. I believe we do have rights and I enjoy them without having Gay Marriage in every state. I would tweak the "domestic partner" rules a bit to include a "partner" to make life/medical decisions, if I became seriously ill or injured. Including a "partner" as a beneficiary in the event of my death is also important. That is about the 2 most important things, of course i could throw in certain tax breaks/deductions but thats only a trivial matter to me. I been single for 35 years of my life and paying taxes accordingly.
The next issue is: "all of society hates gays". That's such a generalized statement its unreal. Some people are afraid of homosexual people because they just aren't educated on it and believe only what they see on TV. Until recently we were all generalized as flamboyant little queens. The rest of us live our average lives and no one seems to notice us. I do not want to here about what str8 people do in their bedrooms, so why should the gay community throw it in their face so much? Gay pride events are important , but many people forget why we have them anymore.
Well thats my rant for the day, feel free to add any comments.