"I want a 100% Top that NEVER bottoms"

  • Beeftastic

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    Dec 08, 2010 9:05 PM GMT
    I have heard this here and there over the years from a few bottoms. It always kind of pisses me off.

    While I function as a top in well over 90% of my encounters, I still like to think about bottoming, and occasionally like to flip every once and a while with a hot guy. The idea that someone wants me to act in a certain way all the time, even when they are not there seems really unfair. To expect someone to act 100% in one way all the time is kind of crazy.

    And what does that mean for the bottom. I would think you need to be 100% or more. Maybe I would expect that you to have never tried topping? Or that you need to wear lipstick in public and sashay around so that no one can mistake you for a top? Because I want a 100% submissive bottom.

    How would that work in a relationship? Say your top fucks you for a couple of years and then gets a hankering for a change. Does that mean you kick him out? What if the top has some fantasies of bottoming after a while? He would have to keep that to himself in fear he would be rejected?

    In my opinion, this is a just fantasy that is taken too far. People are flexible and changeable, to expect people to act completely one way is unrealistic and very unfair or even abusive to some degree.

    What are you opinions?
  • Saffron69

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    Dec 09, 2010 8:08 AM GMT
    I am 100% bottom 100% submissive n 100% masculine. I am all man n have the bod, voice, demeanor n presence of mind that goes with it. I'm more of a man than most, I jus happen to luv it up the ass!! N lemme tell ya being a bottom is not for pussies. I think dats one o real reasons straight guys can dislike us, cause they know they can't handle it up the ass lol!

    The whole lipstick thing comes straight outta o the ignorant straight man handbook. It's like when they ask questions like who the woman is the relationship... None of us, which is the point!! Having said that, it shouldn't suggest I've never thought of topping any1 or Id never do it I'm still young n inexperienced so who knows what I'd really like through it all, n just like u Truckers_Kununa, I have yet to find the rite guy to try that with. My worry is finding a guy who expects to be a top more than I want.

    Lets not forget the catagories of prefence among gay men regaurdless of whether ur masculine or femme. Starting from Top to Bottom (which are the extreme ends of the spectrum). Top, Versitile/Top, Fully Versitile (The Middle), Versitile/Bottom, Bottom.

    We must never think of these as "labels", where u reside on the spectrum is entirely up to u, n the beauti of this spectruim is dat only the extreme points are inflexible the rest are. In the end o the day u want what U want the problem is compatibility and find a guy who's willing t get out of his comfort zone. I believe in relationships they called "putting the spice back in the romance"