Thought it would be useful to discuss what some call cyber warfare with a broader focus than on the current WikiLeaks events and without the political or legal discussions of right or wrong.

The threat of thousands of additional documents obtained from many sources suggests the possibility of a loosely organized very sophisticated group of hackers world-wide. Specifically, it seems that their impact and capabilities have been underestimated, and the vulnerabilities of various government and commercial sites also underestimated.

It also seems likely that corporations and governments will take measures to prevent themselves from being victims of these attacks in the future. Will they just provide more security for their own sites, or will they feel the need to significantly increase the monitoring and control of the internet? Will there be pressure to clamp down on the internet and fundamentally change it? Will the intent of one of the hackers quoted in an article below, to "keep the internet free" have precisely the opposite effect?

Hacker Threatens More Attacks on Those Seen as WikiLeaks Foes

... The Internet assaults underlined the growing reach of self-described “cyberanarchists,” antigovernment and anticorporate activists who have made an icon of Mr. Assange, a 39-year-old Australian. ...

WikiLeaks 'Data War' Growing, Hacktivists Say (From Reuters)

The group used Twitter to seek supporters, referring them to its website, where they could download the software that turns a Windows or Mac PC into a weapon against the MasterCard site.

Sean-Paul Correll, a researcher with anti-virus firm PandaLabs who has been monitoring the activities of AnonOps, said the group had thousands of PCs in its volunteer army.

"This group of people has grown frustrated with trying to protest," he said. "They've finally figured out they can use technology to fight back, that they don't have to stand in a picket line."