A major controversy has been brewing in Nashville, TN over the last week since Belmont University decided to terminate the employment of Lisa Howe.

Howe served for six years as the womens soccer coach, with a winning record and an appearance at the state championship to her credit. On December 2, Howe informed her team that she and her female partner would be having a child in May. She was terminated the next day.

The backlash has been a major embarrassment for Belmont. Students have staged protests and residents of the neighborhood have voiced their objections. Belmont's largest donor, music executive Mike Curb, who is also a Belmont trustee emeritus, publicly expressed his disappointment with the decision and asked that Howe be given her job back.

Belmont is a private university formally associated with the Southern Baptist Convention. The university sued to sever ties with the SBC in 2007. In recent years, Belmont has been seeking to re-image itself as a world class university. It was host to one of three presidential debates between now president Barack Obama and candidate John McCain in 2008.

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