Who else thought there's not enough content on his sexuality in the book? Truth is, I didnt really read the book completely but skimmed through it checking out what he is talking about. From it's timing, I was expecting the book to be more about his accepting his sexuality and his journey towards coming out to the world.

However, it was all about his childhood, his career in music, his relationship with his family and friends and his children, and his experience with spirituality for the most part. He talks about the rumors in the media that we all already know for the most part. There was no inside scoop on any of it. He also talks about his coming out on his blog and twitter account and how he did it. Again, we all are aware of it already.

I was expecting him to talk more about what it was like growing up as a gay boy and what was going on in his mind and how he dealt with his life. Or what it was like being a celebrity and having to hide a big part of his life.

As a closeted gay man looking to read a autobiography of another homosexual guy who spent most of his life in closet, I was expecting something else from the book. But apparently, Ricky Martin was envisioning a different audience while writing his biography.

Nonetheless, it's a good read if you do not hold the same expectations from the book as me.