Puerto Vallatra - Hotels, etc

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    Dec 16, 2010 8:07 AM GMT
    I hope some of you guys can provide a little info. I am looking to go to PV in the February-March time frame. I would like to stay in a good hotel (gay would be nice) or a 1 bedroom condo. It will be just me travelling solo. At one time I had a good site for condo rentals, but I seemed to have lost it.
    I would also like to stay within walking distance to the "Blue Chairs" area.
    Happy Holidays to everyone.
  • shirty

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    Dec 16, 2010 4:23 PM GMT
    Hi there! I went in March and had a great time. I stayed at Buenaventura. It's not a gay hotel by any means but it was beautiful and the food and service were great. You can walk anywhere very easily. Hope you find something that suits you icon_smile.gif
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    Dec 16, 2010 4:39 PM GMT
    In November, we stayed at Casa Cupula, a gay boutique-style resort hotel pretty close to Blue Chairs. Loved it there and will definitely go back next year. I'll shoot you an email with some pros and cons for you to consider.

    (my main profile pic was taken at Casa Cupula's roof pool)


  • TR_Latitude10

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    Dec 16, 2010 4:54 PM GMT
    My longtime friend, Vicki Skinner, has a travel agency which specializes in gay travel to PV. She has many options...her website is http://www.doinitright.com/index.shtml
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    Dec 16, 2010 6:07 PM GMT
    We Are going in December. We are staying here. www.blueseaspuertovallarta.com
    It is right on the gay beach.
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    Dec 26, 2010 9:23 AM GMT
    I've got a condo overlooking Casa Cupula and I've loved PV for ten years.

    For a hotel directly on the beach, Tropicana is great...and a few yards from BlueChairs.

    Abbey Hotel is good, cheap and closeby on Pulpito Street........and while you are on Pulpito, you gotta eat at Coco's Kitchen. I give in ONE HUNDRED STARS.

    Also near the Cathedral is a restaurant called Mama Rosa's owned by 2 gay culinary geniuses. It's next door to Cafe des Artistes----which is expensive....but Mama Rosa's is far more creative and a Bargain.

    You'll love PV!
  • Midas426

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    Dec 26, 2010 5:53 PM GMT
    Good info to peruse. I've thought about going to Puerto Vallarta myself.
  • rioriz

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    Dec 26, 2010 11:55 PM GMT
    Ok let me just say Puerto Vallarta is THE BEST vacation I have ever been on. Plan on going back in March!

    The gay scene is awesome but other that that there is so much to do in the city. Definitely recommend going Zip Lining and sailing if possible.

    I would have loved to stay closer to the Blue Chairs but I stayed at Fiesta Americana twice so far and love it. It is probably one of the best Mid Price places to stay. Great pools and beaches plus a ten minute cab ride from Blue Chairs. Have a lot of tips and such but PM if ya want.

    Have a blast
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    Jan 02, 2011 4:01 PM GMT
    We've used vrbo.com (Vacation Rentals By Owner) for a condo in PVR with good results. And a restaurant we always go to at least once when there is Cafe de Olla. There is a line out the door most evenings, but they'll serve you margaritas as you're standing in it. icon_razz.gif
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    Jan 28, 2011 8:59 AM GMT
    icon_rolleyes.gifIs anyone else concerned about the constant mass murders in Mexico.
    Acapulco, which is trying to rekindle the past and again become a major tourist destination, was victimized with 31 mureders in 4 days. Of the 31, 16 were
    Of course the press reports state that the murders happened outside of the tourist zone. I think that is a pretty flimsy rationale for discounting the violence.
    I had hoped to vacation in PV. I have heard from friends that just returned from there that the streets are filled with armed National Police. I am not sure if this is protective or conversely puts a target on the Police and therefore all who come in contact with them.
    I am not the worry wart type, but this now concerns me. Any thoughts from you guys?
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    Feb 08, 2011 3:08 AM GMT
    Returned from PV yesterday and the GOOD NEWS: the town is bustling and there's no sign of fears from the tourists.

    It was good to see. I was in PV for a week also in early December, during a much quieter time so this past week's full streets and restaurants was fun to see. And according to business owners I know in PV, this season is their best in 3 years.

    As for violence from drug lords or anyone else, it's not obvious.

    A good resource site for PV is VallartaScene.com.

    The BEST part of this trip was getting out into the bay to watch the whales. It's about $40 for 4 hours and you'll never forget it.
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    Feb 09, 2011 5:07 AM GMT
    My boyfriend and I are headed there next month. It looks awesome. Besides the zip lining and whale watching, both of which we will probably do, anything else fun? I would like to scuba, but I am not certified. I went once in Hawaii and took a day certification class, but have heard to be weary in Mexico due to laxed safety standards. Also I read some resorts filter their water so it is safe for tourists. Any of you veterans know anything about that?
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    Feb 09, 2011 12:49 PM GMT
    First off, WATER: you'll be drinking bottled water and every restaurant you'll find in PV uses bottled or filtered water.

    In 11 years of PV visits(usually 4 times a year), I've never gotten sick.

    But then again, I don't eat 'Shrimp on a Stick' that you'll be offered on the beach....constantly. Eat your seafood in a restaurant.

    As for scuba, you can do it and the Bay is 'shark-free'!

    Post a question about good scuba sources in the forum on VallartaScene.com.