Need some of your good advise, friends... I am using a protein supplement SYNTHA6. I take 1 scoop with oatmeal first thing in the morning(b4 breakfast) and 1 scoop after workout. I try to eat enough protein in my day but I like to supplement it so I'm sure I get enough. I do the syntha6 because it's all they sell and recommend at my Gold's gym, also, because it tastes GREAT! No kidding, it's a real treat. It's also mostly a slower release protien with a mix of cassein, egg and whey. Problem is, it's expensive as hell. It takes me only 2-3 weeks to go through 35.00 worth of this stuff. I was wondering, any suggestions for a morning protein supp and an after workout supp that is both somewhat tasty and is right for the am and right for after workout? I will miss the tasty treat, but I know there are cheaper protein supps out there that might work better...Thanks! Tony