From him stating that his main goal is for the President to fail, to rallying fellow conservatives to hold hostage middle class tax cuts & unemployment benefits for tax breaks & ridiculuosly low estate taxes for millionares (and then complaining that the tax legislation was a big compromise for conservatives because the wealthiest Americans won't have those Bush era tax cuts permanately). It's a hipocrapsy that he claims Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, education, etc. need to have their budgets slashed when preserving tax cuts for the uber-wealthy & slashing the estae tax adds a HUGE financial burden to the Nation ($900 billion!). That legislaton also proposes a 15 percent capital gains tax. Ridiculous!

Then there's his recent refusal to sign the nuclear arms legislation. I'm glad Kerry called him & his party out on stalling to vote on the legislation before the election, then whining that they don't have enough time.

Oh yeah, and for the scary prospect of holding out on raising the National Debt ceiling in the spring. Holding out on that could essentially kill governments ability to function.

Anyone else CRAZY p*ssed off @ him? Being fiscally conservative is one thing, but contributing to a widening gap between the middle class & the super wealthy to appease richey rich constituents is morally flawed. That's how I see it anyway.