Hello everyone.

This forum is my second attempt to see if it makes it through approval as it seems that my first attempt was mistakenly denied.

I want to see what you RJ'rs have to say in regards to this matter.

Are the Olympics worth killing people?

Should we pull out of the Olympics?

This is not the first time innocent people die because of the Olympics, it happened to Mexican Students too back on October 2 1968 "Tlatelolco Massacre"

The Tlatelolco Massacre, also known as The Night of Tlatelolco took place on the afternoon and night of October 2, 1968, in the Plaza de las Tres Culturas in the Tlatelolco section of Mexico City, ten days before the 1968 Summer Olympics celebrations in Mexico City, when police and military shot student demonstrators. The death toll remains controversial: some estimates place the number of deaths in the thousands, but most sources report between 200 and 300 deaths. Government sources say "4 Dead, 20 Wounded". The exact number of people who were arrested is also controversial.

Fuck the Mexican Goverment! and we still dont have answers. Students still protest every anniversary demanding answers.

Olympics = 5 continents joining in peace in the form of athletes and Sports