Bloody hell!

No damage to the floor and I moved my foot in time

I have tried velcro strips to wrap my fingers but nothing seems to work. I need suggestions on some safe way to work my left arm (the atrophy is noticeable.) I get some referred benefit from working my right arm, but I need ideas.

I have this (totally baseless) thought that if I can work my left arm more I might get more sensation and function. icon_mad.gif

I have been using 10 lb dumb-bells. The problem I find is becauswe I lack any feeling in my left habd, I cannot gauge my grip - so I squeeze it far too hard, then as the hand muscles fatigues my griploosens - that was when I dropped the weight.

Barbells are outright dangerous for me as I cannot equalize lift on both sides.

Im pretty pissed right now. (More embarassed and annoyed at the embarassment)

I stopped going to the gym I was a member of in Ottawa because I felt so awkward. I need privacy for this