He looks feminin but he's straight?

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    Jun 16, 2007 5:41 AM GMT
    When i write an opinion i love to write it as a story, just like if you'd be reading a book. The visuals i have about my opinions, are visuals i'm hoping everyone gets when they read my post.

    Judging someone by the cover can put you in a state of "whoops I thought...maybe you were gay?"

    I'm sure some of you have straight friends who fits being gay cause of his under straight acting / looks. The way he touch me as a friend makes me wonder if he's truly straight but he is from what people say, i mean he looks at tits and ass when girls pass by him.

    I know this guy was raised with a bunch of girls and rarely any men around...perhaps he took the girls way to speak and cares so much to look in the persons eyes when he's talking, making him stunning as a gay male.

    Some look feminin are they're gay, some are masculin as in you'd never think this guy would be gay but turns out, he is. And some looks so gay yet straight as a board...

    Straight guys who are comfortable with their sexuality will be and act themselves; most of the times how they were raised like the guy i used as an example above. Straights can walk naked in front of a gay man and not be scared which i know would only be surrounded with trust to one another of course. Some will even kiss a guy for a job but they're straight and know for fact they love woman but who cares if he kissed a guy for a dare, it's only a dare.

    Then you have straight guys who will be scared of gay men, seeing one there goes the straight guy running... In my opinion I think he's straight as a spagetti until it hits the water.

    Once you got the hottest friend, you'd wish he'd be gay. You try to analyze him and you feel it in your gut he could be gay or at least bi. But nope this guy has a girlfriend and straight straight straight. My gaydar confused myself with the hopes he'd be gay which is why i'd see a bit of him being gay?

    So what was my point in this post? Gaydar works at times and sometimes it doesn't..and when you confront the guy with your assumption, you either make a complete fool of yourself lol...or you're still watching the hockey game with a beer in hand and have this conversation put in the past, lucky you! :)

    Whenever i write a post, for some reason i don't think what to write, my fingers just keep writing hoping it would make sense in the end...

    so...i still hope i made sense :)
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    Jun 16, 2007 5:45 AM GMT
    Correcting myself again lol...

    Some will even kiss a guy for a JOKE not job but they're straight

    what kind of job would this be though ...hmmm hehee
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    Jun 16, 2007 7:58 AM GMT
    So what, who care about it.

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  • GQjock

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    Jun 16, 2007 2:47 PM GMT
    There seems to be a lot of willing experimentation and daring behavior going on with younger guys...say under 25 years or so...
    I don't know why but I think it's because they've been exposed to gay guys? Media?
    but they are more willing to test the waters so to speak
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    Jun 16, 2007 6:18 PM GMT
    I agree with you on that one GQ :)
  • gymingit

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    Jun 16, 2007 7:19 PM GMT
    For sure... I mean.. yes, this says a lot about my character, but I was watching some video the other day concerning these college guys that share a house and video taped a bet to see who would ejaculate first(watching my French here...lol) Now granted they were watching straight porn, but whoever was first, ejaculated on the other.

    Ok, point is.... I never was the in the locker room in high school, college etc... I don't know what goes on in the realjock world so to speak. But, seems to me a lot of younger guys, as you've both mentioned already, are willing to try something new or very secure in who they are as a person.

    I am glad they feel this way. This means eventually things will change for the better in this country. One Day.

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    Jun 16, 2007 10:27 PM GMT
    There is a lot evidence to suggest that there is no gay or straight.

    "Gaydar" is often unreliable because I think that we all start out with a very strong sexual attraction to either men or women, and decide "which way to go" depending upon multiple, undetectable factors.

    Many boys who grow up to be straight experiment with other boys when they first learn to masterbate.

    At my old high school our baseball team got suspended for having a jerk off contest on the bus home after an away game.

    Guys enjoy the comraderie of other men and that can include erotic bonding. That doesn't mean that they are gay, but the behavior certainly can't be decribed as "straight".

    As we mature and grow, we become more and more comfortable with a certain sexual identity. I think that there are different factors that contribute to help form our sexual identity, but one preference over the other is just as serendipitous as why some people are left handed or right handed...being left handed doesn't mean that you can't write with your right hand, but that you are more comfortable with your left. And then there are those lucky bastards who just happen to be ambidextrous (though you would never know it just by looking at them).
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    Jun 19, 2007 7:55 AM GMT
    I most certainly agree with the post above mine. And his logic certainly does come from practical evidence that has been conducted.

    I refer you to the Kinsey scale.

    I originally thought this was my own discovery until I went to have it published. It was happily brought to my attention that this had already been thought of. My disappointment came when I realized I probably would not have been enlightened by this had I not thought of it myself.

    The reader's digest version goes as follows:

    A man and a woman conceive a child. Their combined genetic information determines every physical and chemical attribute of the offspring. Things such as behavioral patterns, beliefs, ideals, morals, and the like are, without a doubt, nurtured into one's being. However, rest assured, all else is nature. From pigmentation to chemical balance, from height to hair length, all is determined through an intricate exchange of genetic material. Within this, one's chemical makeup. Which includes two well-known hormones, testosterone and estrogen.

    We each, both male and female, receive a certain amount of testosterone from our father and a certain amount of estrogen. There is not one complete "male/female, straight" figure because, arguably, that would indicate an absolute, or 100% testosterone/100% estrogen. Which is simply, biologically speaking, not even remotely possible. We each have differentiating levels of both testosterone and estrogen that our body produces.

    This gives rise to the notion that the entire world is bisexual. Every animal that graces this planet exhibits sexual tendencies towards both genders. From the slightest hint of attraction to sexual and emotional desires.

    I do not believe in, or rather use, straight/gay/bisexual terminology on my own accord, but rather to attempt to educate and enlighten. We are all human. We all question. We all doubt. We all reason. We all speculate and formulate. There should be no reason to discriminate or humiliate one person over another. I am well aware that this has been occurring for thousands of years, but there has to be a time when it is finally put to rest.

    I heavily, heavily blame modern monotheistic religions for the resentment faced today by homosexuals and bisexuals alike. Bisexuality, though the term was not coined until the late 20th century, in practice, was widely accepted during the Greco-Roman eras.

    Fuel for thought as to why such animosity arose. God bless ya'll! Hallelujah!

    Just my thoughts.

    -Atheists for Jesus.
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    Jun 19, 2007 6:09 PM GMT
    Ever hear of gay animals? There's an entire museum dedicated to them in Oslo, Norway.


    Just proves that it's not just human influences that result in homosexuality. Biological factors must be involved to be a cross species phenomenon.

    Just my two-cents.
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    Jul 02, 2007 6:15 PM GMT
    I agree with gymingit that social norms have changed lot nowadays and effeminate behavior in males are much more accepted than before among young people. It's not that today's young people are more secure with their sexuality, but that it's less frowned upon for guys to act like girls some times. It's even cool or chic in many circles.