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    Mar 25, 2008 11:29 PM GMT
    I recently started working at a Veterans hospital in my hometown, I'm in my 20's but I'm attracted to older guys. Many of the guys who work there are veterans are are smoking hot. They are friendly in introducing themselves and give firm handshakes that make me want to never let go.

    One older male comes on the unit a few times per week to get blood draws from patients and he always make sure he gets my attention b4 leaving. Last week as i left a patients room he was in, he chatted with me about the patient in the hall, he stared and stared into my eyes hardly blinking, So i stared back and gazed into his felt so gay but he gave me more than enough eye contact.

    He then mentions his wife and kids and how he's a new employee here also, I'm in my head like "damn, he's not interested" but then I lower my gaze twice looking at his package, looking back at him with a half grin he continued to smile and talk etc. Thing is, I'm not out/masculine/hot, He's just one of the guys I find hot, but they assume since I'm young that I'm tryin to bang all the nurses, but its them who i'm interested in. How do I discreetly try to get my heavily desired father figure to give me a nice afterwork spanking?
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    Mar 26, 2008 12:06 AM GMT
    You could just keep talking with him when you see him and see where it goes. The fact that he just talked about work and patients, and then brought up his wife and kids is troubling though, because that would indicate to me he is off limits.

    I'll bet there are a number of other, hot, single and truly available guys in your horizon though! I'd keep my eyes open for other sightings!
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    Mar 26, 2008 11:04 AM GMT
    Hey...if he does make a move why not
    But two things to watch out for

    This is Where you work so you can't escape from him
    and he's a str8 guy...who don't always play fair
    if you know what I mean