As a sportsmassage therapist, I work with many athletes suffering from a variety of soft tissue injuries...many come to me after being treated with traditional therapies such as ultrasound, stim, heat, ice, tape (what would we ever do without tape??). Many of my clients have been diagnosed with "chronic" conditions. In the traditional medical world the word "chronic" means that medications, PT, and other forms of traditional treatments have "just live with it" becomes the prescription. You see, in the traditional medical world, the focus is on the pain. The goal is to get rid of the pain so medications, ice, heat, and a variety of other treatments are used. In the complimentary medical world, we can't rely on all the modern equipment and meds, so we use the pain as a language that tells us what is causing the pain. We trace the pain back to its origin which is usually trigger points; eliminate the triggers and, voila! no pain.

Well...these trigger points...hypersensitive glops of tissue that form between other tissue often is the cause of injuries. Each trigger point has a specific pattern of pain associated with it.

For example, a pain in the front of your shoulder can be caused by a trigger point near the medial border of your scapula in your upper back!

Injuries such as groin strain, shoulder pain, lumbar back pain, runner's knee, tennis and pitcher's elbow, repetitive stress injuries, hip pain, plantar fasciitis, headache and many others can be successfully treated with trigger point therapy.

To help athletes remain injury-free, I do a "Trigger Point Analysis". This analysis identifies potential triggers and, once they are eliminated, the athlete avoids injuries associated with that trigger.

Unfortunately, the traditional medical community does not recognize trigger points. They don't show up on x-rays so, therefore, they don't exist.

Nowadays, however, more and more forward-thinking traditional health care practitioners...those willing to admit they don't know everything...are beginning to embrace trigger points as a cause of much pain and suffering.

There are over 200 triggers. Each is mapped, so if you tell me where your pain is, I can probably tell you where the trigger is and you can self-heal yourself.

I'm available for more information, if you are interested.