Why does a gay friendly radio station simple show no love for gay artists?

I find it quite interesting that Energy 92.7 is one of the few mainstream dance stations yet play next to no gay artists. Keep in mind, the programming director, Jon Peake and morning show - Fernando and Greg are all gay.

Take a look at their current playlist:


I've asked all the parties at Energy 92.7 to consider GLBTQ artists in the past to no response. In fact, here's a shortlist of recommendations:

Sweet Feet Music -Maybe God Ft Jeanie Tracie and Pepper Mashay (From Bay Area)

Colton Ford - That's Me Featuring Cazwell (Logo's The Clicklist)

Desi - Dirrty Love (From Bay Area)

Perry Twins - Activate My Body Ft Jania (Billboard Dance Hit)

Leo Frappier - Just Fine Dance Remix Ft Mary J Blige (From Bay Area)

Add TV Gay Dance Awards Nominees - http://www.myspace.com/addtvnyc

I still recall hearing Joey V name dropping Sweet Feet Music and laughing about, "Never playing them on the radio!"

Also, Tim Corrimal, GoRainbowRadio.com sat in a session with Jon Peake at a Las Vegas Conference. Mr. Peake commented, "I don't have time to listen to the demos mailed to me."

I won a community service award from Energy 92.7 in the past but now find myself listening to other stations and gay podcasts because they don't feature GLBT artists. Considering this is San Francisco and Energy 92.7 claims to be an independently owned station - this is pretty shocking.

I consider myself a music expert for the GLBT community having past music featured on Dante's Cove (Here! Television!), Official Tride Pride Theme Song and Woobie Bears 2.