I have had success with them in the past. I dropped weight but then i had a lapse in my routine and started gaining it back. I am currently going back to the gym but I can't seem to lose weight for the life of me. I just keep getting bigger. My question is does a circuit workout have to be done in a circuit, because at the gym I work out at, its to crowded to leave a machine and then come back and have it be available. I know the purpose of the circuit workouts are great for people because it keeps their heart rate up, but is there anything else that I can do that will be comparable???

Any help would be great, thanx guys.

Oh ya, stats are 5'6 184 med build, trying to get down to 155-160ish. I try to get to the gym at least 3x a week, but with my busy schedule its really hard and I eat healhty, no junk food or fast food and I tend to snack pretty much all day.