Question re: Mike Clausen's Muscle-Building 12-Week Program

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    Apr 07, 2011 12:55 AM GMT
    Hey everybody

    I first worked through the Strong & Lean program with excellent results. I immediately plunged into the Muscle-Building program and am on week 5.

    My metabolism has soared. I'm eating six meals a day. While I am seeing gains, and day-to-day improvement, I have noticed that my workout times are topping out at two hours some days. Usually it takes me 90 minutes to work through a day of his programs.

    The trainers at the gym know about my program and I've shared it with them. They have told me that the workouts are simply too long; after 60 minutes of weight lifting, the brain stops producing testosterone and starts producing hormones that, in fact, break down muscle tissue, making a 60+ minute workout a bit of a waste of time.

    I have felt that these longer programs have had less of an effect than the shorter Strong & Lean programs, but I assumed I was merely plateauing. Does anybody have any recommendations in this regard?

    For now, I'm continuing with the program-- finishing off Week 5 tomorrow--- but I'll be cutting the number of sets down to three, and doing the ab and cardio exercises in an evening session instead.
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    Apr 07, 2011 5:43 AM GMT
    I did the Muscle Building workouts twice through, and I've done the Strong & Lean workouts 5 times. While I found that they took a long time to do when I first started (I kept need to go back and read what I was supposed to do), when I got the hang of it, it never took me over an hour to do the workouts.

    Of course, you're millage may vary. I'm wondering why it would take you up to two hours to do them.