Noones perfect.

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    Apr 05, 2008 7:46 AM GMT
    Well we all know that everyone likes to put their best face forward. No supprise since we don't really like to let others see us at our worst. But do you have the courage to show people at least ONE bad/dorky/unflattering side of you?

    I put forth this challenge to all! Either post a pic or and explanation of a moment that was embarrassing for you. Share your pain lol.

    Here's mine:
    It was SUPPOSED to be a Powdered Toast Man costume, but I think I look more like a sumo man with a horribly made teddy bear head.


    One embarrassing moment for me would be the time after playing tennis(badly) with my friends. We were going out to get some food at a local resturant, and everything was all good....until we sat down for dinner. The moment my ass reached the chair, there was a VERY loud Riiiiip sound and my shorts were suddenly showing ALOT more of my ass then I wanted the people behind me to see. While trying to gracefully extricate myself from the resturant I managed to knock into the waitress bringing our drinks, which ended up on me. Now I had ass flashing and was in the running for a wet teeshirt contest. *groan*

    OK, the gauntlet has been thrown down. Who will step up to the challenge and debase yourself for the ammusment of others?
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    Apr 05, 2008 7:49 AM GMT
    You'll need an army. ;) Honestly though, I don't think anyone has caught me on camera in something embarassing... YET. *keeps fingers crossed*
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    Apr 07, 2008 3:40 PM GMT
    My boss is an aspiring business tycoon and likes to play golf. I don't play golf, at all. He wanted me to play golf with him and some other guys from the main office so I couldn't just refuse. I borrowed some clubs and the four of us went to the first thing you tee off from with the white blue balls on the ground. I watched everyone else, took a few practice swings and then stepped up to knock the hell out of that little ball. I lined up, took a mighty swing and a hunk of turf flew up the size of an animal pelt. But I didn't see the ball going anywhere. I looked up down, all around, no ball. Then I looked back at the T. Resting there untouched and safe, was that damn ball.