Beginning workout programs

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    Feb 15, 2007 5:05 PM GMT
    I am wanting to get back in shape and have not worked out in years, any advice on starting over and is there anyone in the tampa bay area who knows someone who can help . Wanting to mainly cardio and losing my belly and just over all fitness.

    Thanks for any advice guys
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    Feb 16, 2007 8:10 PM GMT
    well first off research it more than that.

    Cardio is the most inefficient way of losing the belly. Woah contentious issue some say!

    Simple argument really:

    it takes seconds not to eat 500 calories it takes an hour to burn them off.

    Calculating the calories burnt on a run or cycle is so eratic. Its far easier to calulate a deficit with physical food and you are much more in control.

    Time wise you can achieve your goal in half the gym and cardio time than to use an inefficient running programme and an even more inefficient weights routine.

    Some times less is actually more. Train hard and rest hard work hard in the kitchen. Everything in life comes back to the good old 80/20 rule and training for the vast majority of the population is the same. You probably spend less than 20% of your time training but 80% eating and preparing food. So focus on that 80% get that right and use the gym to retain the muscle.

    You'll get quick consistant results and that in itself will maintain your motivation to succeed.

    I can send you a programme thats worked for 100's of guys who followed my routines and training I did on behalf Mens Health website in the UK. These guys wont let me put the finishing pictures up as they are worried it aint true! ha ha

    Good luck and get to know your goal and the best way that you can achieve it