so drama story happened on me yesterday

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    Apr 18, 2008 11:08 PM GMT
    it is so drama,i want to talk about this story,cause i have a lot of things confused.

    there is a guy who we know each other more than 6 months i think,and he is doctor,he is pretty,tall,nice body,we always gym together.and recently he send me message everyday told me that he likes me and wants to have a relationship with me,i didn`t give him answer,cause i am not sure of myself want to have relationship with him or not,cause it is so wired because we have long time didn`t connect with each other but now recently why he started to fancy me?thats why i didn`t give him answer even refused his dating,i said to him i was busy with my is ture,but at this time i was really busy recently and my friend also have some problems at this moment,i have to company with him and work together to help him get rid of his problems.

    so he still tried to message me and want me fix a day going out with him.i have to admit that i like him too,but i just dont know he is serious or not,considering that we have long time no see and talk with each other.

    my friend suspect he got sexual disease,so he made a appointment several weeks ago,in those time he didn`t got a good mood,i know thats hard,and yesterday i companyed with him went to hospital to check it is really got it or not.

    and the drama story started,my friend and i waitted in front of the door of std in the hospital in the morning,i felt sleepy because the day before that day i didn`t sleep well,and my friend and i chatted,suddendly i saw that a guy passed by,who is the guy recently want dating me out and want to have relationship with me too,well,that time he didn`t found i was there,cause he was busy doing something like photocopy things,and i told my friend that he is that guy.

    when he walked back,i waved my arm and said hello to him without thinking,cause i was so happy to see he work there(he works in another area in this hospital),and i can saw his face got bright smile to me as well when he suddendly saw me there,but just 1 second,when he glaced that i was sat in front of the office of sexual disease,his face turned and i can`t use word to discribe it exactly,cause that time i can feel his mood is complicated,and he ignored me walked away,even no said hello to friend said to me that i can go and explain this to him,but i didn`t,cause that time i didn`t want to embarrass my i sat there and companyed with my friend,but one good thing is the doctor said that my friend got nothing and he is clean,i am so happy for him.

    that day evening,i saw he was online on MSN,so i talked with him,i remembered i said it was so nice when i saw u in hospital,but he didn`t like chatting with me,and looked like not using heart to send back message,finally i couldn`t hide my mood and asked him:"why u didn`t say hello to me that time when i was in hospital?and u looked not like chatting with me."he answered he was busy,and i said to him:"it seems that u r still busy now,cause i can feel u not like chatting with me at this moment as well"he said he was going to sleep."oh,GN then"i sended it to him and then delected him from my MSN.

    and i smiled and thought what a funny story happened on me,it seems that i lost a chance to own my own relationship,all because morning i companyed with my friend to see the doctor,is there anything wrong with me to do that?

    but i didn`t regret,cause i think i did the right thing,at least i didn`t breat my freind or embarrassed my friend and i supported my friend in my own way.

    and i can`t imagine that maybe one day,the pretty doctor got a nice looking boyfriend and they get a nice period time,and one day the doctors boyfriend broken his legs and can`t walk,and it need 1 or 2 year to recover,what that doctor will do to him,probrally ignored his boyfriend and make some excuses say he is busy something.

    i said to much,hehe,cause i really got confused and unfortable when i think of the story of me and that doctor,but i have to vent my feeling at somewhere,otherwise i will feel being blocked.
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    Apr 18, 2008 11:24 PM GMT
    Perhaps its best that this happened to end that relationship, It seems though that if he was interested in you that he would have asked you why you were there, or you might have gone ahead and voluteered it to him. But as you say, he may be the type to get what he wants, and then go on to the next new nice looking boy. It rather a cold cruel world sometimes, but not all white men are so cold as that, but its best you keep your guard up against USERS. I wish you good luck !!
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    Apr 19, 2008 12:10 AM GMT
    Well that type of personality is not just confined to one ethnicity. Just as greed pervades each one and love transcends them all, so will selfishness. Fortunately you were able to see right through him early on, you did the right thing in cutting him off. But please do not let that one experience tarnish your views on an entire race, as that in itself is quite a slippery slope.
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    Apr 20, 2008 1:08 AM GMT
    it is ok anyway,cause there is not only one people wants to have relationship with me,and there r much more people want to have one night stand with me for real,but none of those interesting me,thats a pity,anyway,just look and see.