When I was younger I used to get in fights all the time ( with straight guys at straight clubs, I wasn't out yet ! ) !! sometimes I won and there were a couple of times I lost. The point is that I was struggling with my sexuality that is why I was so angry and get in fights. I am 33 now and openly gay, So All that anger is gone. When somebody starts shit, gay or straight I try to be the bigger person and talk it out and walk away, But trust me there have been a couple of times in the past year that the other person would just not let it go and try to show off in front of their friends. Little do they know that I was in boxing when I was younger and still have my combos. I felt so bad cuz all it took was two punches and they hit the floor. It is not something that I am proud of but It does feel good that I can take care of myself and my bf when somebody is in his face. You should never be violent only as a last resort. Especially when somebody is drunk because that is not a fair fight. Always try to be the bigger person and walk away It won't look like you are a pussy It just looks like you have class. And if you DO have to get in a fight make sure you are not the one starting it, cuz there is nothing more embarassing than getting your ass kicked after talking shit. (make sure you don't stick around for the cops to show up because they will charge you with assault, battery or what ever they want. Take it from me. Just go out and have a good time and Love Life.. sorry If my grammar is not that good, English is not my first language.. To Anyone who reads this Life is too short so don't get caught up in the bullshit, Be Grateful for what you do have and NOT Ungrateful for what you don't !!!! xoxoxoxo Alx from Las Vegas !!! Alexx702@aol.com