Cutting the Weight for Memorial day?

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    Apr 28, 2008 4:18 AM GMT
    Well, I have always had that little pouch and my diet is pretty healthy. Focusing on eating right, consists mostly of chicken, whole grain rice and vegetables. I have been hitting the gym pretty hard bc I am meeting up a lot of old friends in Pensacola and who doesn't wanna shine a little.

    Current Diet:
    I eat 2 eggs in the morning 7am, protein shake (fruit, vanilla protien 1 scoop, and whole oats)9-12 then Gym around 1pm. I usually eat fruit after gym and a large late lunch (chicken, whole rice, vegtables - stir fry/fried rice) and dinner usually anything cereal(weak spot for lucky charms and coco crispies - sorry). Thats the typical weekday which is more structured than my weekends but on a general basis I try to stay away from greasy or fast food.

    I hit the gym pretty hard 3 day (back-legs-arms) then swim and then a day off is my current rotation. I am coming off of a knee injury that had me pretty sedimentary but I completely recovered.

    What do you recommend for cutting some extra weight, also I have dropped a little and it feels like my skin is just hanging on there for dear life "its jiggly" whats a good way to "get rid of the extra skin" or tighten it all up.
    Any tips or supplements I should incorporate?

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    Apr 28, 2008 2:37 PM GMT
    Whenever I want to lose fat, I start a diet similar to the one you're on, but I find that a slow 45-minute jog prior to breakfast everyday is the best and fastest way to get ripped up. I don't know if it's an option, but you should do your swim before breakfast. That's the time to take your best crack at stored bodyfat since you don't really have much for food in your system at the time and your body will use that fat to fuel your swim.

    Don't work too hard (ie heart rate through the roof) or else you'll just be burning up the muscle you worked so hard to build.

    Good luck
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    Apr 28, 2008 8:59 PM GMT
    Well man, your cereal timing is tough, our bodies processing of carbs becomes less efficient as the day progresses. I would try to eat the carbs earlier in the day if you're going to eat them.

    Have you tried HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)? If not google it, there is some anecdotal evidence that this type of training might hit abdominal fat specifically harder then the fat in other areas of the body. Often times, its that last 5 to 20 lbs that are most difficult for the vast majority of gym clients, you may need to hit the cardio 5 times a week to get rid of the last of it. With the recovering knee, swimming is an awesome option, you may be okay to with cycling. Generally, cardio after weight training burns about 9 times more fat then cardio alone, so that might be something else to consider as part of your scheduling.

    As far as nutrients are you are taking a good multivitamin? Are you drinking at least 128 oz of water per day, both of those are good for weight loss and skin elasticity and health. You might look into into either Lipo6, 2207 fat loss product of the year. Also there is some damn solid evidence for CLA being effective in reducing body fat levels while supporting gains in lean muscle mass.

    Let me know if you have questions on any of this. I hope it helps you at. Best of luck.
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    Apr 29, 2008 3:37 AM GMT
    Hey thanks for the advice, cereal out of the house for at least a month. I will definitely work in the HIIT into my cardio.

    More specifically my workouts are 10-min warm up on an eliptical, weight training usually in pairs currently high reps lower weight (10 x 4) there is a trainer at the gym that put me on my routine and I feel its pretty solid, then I do some cardio for 20 min on a CBX machine. I will incorporate the HIIT into my cardio this week, let you know how it works out.
    I do my weight training workout for three days then I swim on the 4th day ( best invention on this planet for swimmers), then I take off the 5th and start over the 6th day.

    As far as supplements I am taking creatine (Question how long should my interval of taking it last? and how long should I stay off it? Currently been on it since mid March.) Also I am taking Fireball, 3 capsules in the morning, there is a lot of caffeine and I am pretty sensitive to that if I take more during the day I have a hard time gettin to bed.

    I do drink a TON of water, and eat a pretty healthy portion of fruit. I will see if I can come across some CLA(dosage I should be taking?). Supplements are not as readily available down here in Mexico, but I am sure the overpriced GNC by the gym should carry it.

    As far as HIIT, from what I understand it is: 30 sec jogging followed by 30 sec sprinting for a total of about 10 minutes depending on athletic prowess and adding a minute every week until you hit 15 minutes. "If needed add a brisk walk as one of the intervals"

    Thanks again for the help,