Did anyone see this movie? Did you like it? I posted a review of my own at the following site:


This is what I posted on that site:

I just saw this movie last week and let me tell it is a GREAT movie. Be warned though: it can be overwhelming to watch it because it shows so much heartening and graphic images of what warfare truly looks like. You will find none of the BS glorifying images of warfare mythology that have so often been the case with Hollywood war movies. It gives it to you like it is, with images of amputees, children dying, and the human consequences of President Bush's invasion and occupation of Iraq. I must point out that it shows the impacts on both the Iraqi people and on our American soldiers, something that the American mainstream media just barely acknowledges.

Going into this movie, I had my doubts about the choice of actors. Mainly, about Ryan Phillipe and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I thought it would be hard to buy Ryan Phillipe in a role in which he would have to play a character that is tough, homely, and with a very strong social consciousness. I am so used to Ryan playing characters in other movies where he is basically the preppy self-absorbed pretty spoiled elitist boy (for example, in the movie "Cruel Intentions", co-starring Sarah Michelle-Gellar). By the same token, I am used to Joseph Gordon-Levitt in comedic roles of characters that are awkward scrawny geeks (like when he was on that show, "Third Rock From the Sun"). Well, boy was I wrong! Both of Ryan's and Joseph's performances blew me away. They were TOTALLY believable in their roles and they even made me tear up quite a few times with their performances (what can I say, issues that have to do with Veterans and how the government sometimes screws them over, taking advantage of the bonds that soldiers forge amongs themselves, that always gets to me).

I really hope that you go watch the movie. I highly recommend it!