Hamas war crime: using Gazans as human shields

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    Oct 17, 2012 6:58 AM GMT
    In that case, as noted in the OP:

    HRW> Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups have frequently violated the laws of war by firing rockets from within populated areas.

    HRW> parties to a conflict violate the laws of war when they fail to take all feasible precautions to avoid placing forces, weapons, and ammunition within or near densely populated areas. Deliberately using civilians to deter attacks on military targets amounts to “human shielding,” which is a war crime.
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    Oct 18, 2012 1:17 AM GMT
    Why repeat something when you can't support it or defend it from criticism?
    Unless you are a spam propagandist?

    As I already noted:

    AyaTrollah/Propaganda pouncer> I can demonstrate so many flagrant cases of human shielding by the other side.

    p1. Except that this only exposes his hypocrisy.
    None of the pictures which he spams support his claim.
    Some show individuals being arrested in a hostile environment, even under fire.

    p2. The first picture almost has merit. The child on the hood of the police car was throwing rocks. He is being used as a "human shield" by the police confronting other rock throwers. But how can this be bad when propagandists like sxydrkhair and AyaTrollah pouncer claim that these "stones" are harmless?

    p3. Let's even accept this was wrong.
    Is it in any way comparable to Hamas firing rockets from behind 1.5 million people?!

    Unable to address these key questions, pouncer is relegated to posting more of his nattering drivel:

    pp> Firing rockets from within populated areas ≠ Deliberately using civilians to deter attacks on military targets
    Violat[ing] the laws of war by firing rockets from within populated areas ≠ 'Human shielding'

    p4. What makes firing rockets from a populated area a war crime?
    (As per HRW, which you say is an expert source.)

    p5. Why does Hamas fire rockets from behind populated buildings?
    Why don't they fire rockets from open areas?

    p6. If it's not for human shielding, why do they do it?
    Just for propaganda purposes?
    So (at best) useful idiots like you can cynically cry that Israel (inadvertently) killed innocent civilians?

    p7. Why can't sxydrkhair, ianct, pouncer, tokugawa or the rest of the cheap propagandists bring themselves to condemn Hamas?

    Is it because they hate Jews/Israel more than they care for their 1.5 million brethren in Gaza?!
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    Jun 17, 2016 4:32 PM GMT

    To GymFreak aka theanticock pka OnTarget,
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    Jun 18, 2016 7:26 AM GMT
    Oh, I had forgotten about this thread. Earlier this year the AyaTrolLiar founcer claimed that Hamas wasn't using human shields because they weren't forcing civilians to move to the place from which they were firing rockets.

    Of course not. They just put the rocket launchers behind the people, and in his sick and perverted mind that made it legit.

    Despite not only drawing return fire from Israel, but also despite misfired rockets (5-10% of them) killing more Gazans than Israelis.


    Once again confirming that he hates Jews/Israel more than he cares for Gazans.
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    Apr 01, 2017 7:31 AM GMT
    Misfired terrorist rockets have killed more Gazans than they manage to murder Jews

    AyaTrolLiar> One direct hit on a school

    What? A "firecracker" did damage to a Gazan school, but he wants us to believe it's not a threat to Israeli schools?
    (Only 5-10% of rockets misfire, meaning 10-20x as many rockets are aimed at Israeli schools.)

    And then there's this ridiculous twisting:

    AyaTrolLiar> if New York were attacked with a modern airforce and heavy artillery, those defending it would be expected to line up like a row of ducks in Central Park and Prospect Park and engage the enemy with rifles, lest a misfired "rocket" land on a school and kill civilians...

    First it's a reversal of cause and effect. If Canada (or terrorists there) were launching rockets - thousands of them - at Detroit from inside Windsor, I'd expect the USAF would attack the launching sites. Even if fired from school yards and hospitals. But no, that's not human shielding?!

    Of course it is human shielding, as he himself inadvertently told us:
    Why else the analogy to the terrorists being sitting "ducks" if they weren't to shield themselves behind civilians?!

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    Apr 20, 2018 2:17 AM GMT
    The European Union Parliament, historically hostile to Israel while sympathetic* to the Palestinian Arabs, has come out with a condemnation of Hamas, including its strategy of using its own population as human shields.

    || strongly condemns the continuous tactic of Hamas to use civilians for the purpose of shielding terrorist activities

    It further noted that:

    || Hamas seems to aim at escalating tensions

    The resolution recalls that Hamas is considered a terrorist organization by the European Union (EU), that it repeatedly invokes the destruction of Israel, and continues to fire rockets at Israel from the Gaza Strip.

    Lastly, it observes that:

    || Hamas continues to keep the population under control and pressure in the Gaza Strip, which remains a hub of internationally recognized terrorist organizations

    Adding that Hamas heavily curtails

    || basic freedoms, including of association and expression.

    The resolution passed 524-30 (with 92 abstentions).

    * In 2016 the EU Parliament gave a standing ovation to Mahmoud Abbas for a speech which included an allegation that a Rabbi (who didn't actually exist) asked the Israeli government to poison Arab wells, echoing an Anti-semitic canard dating to medieval days.
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    May 08, 2018 6:48 AM GMT
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    May 19, 2018 6:50 AM GMT
    In recent weeks of violent protests we have gotten a better look at the periphery of Gaza.
    And we have seen large areas that are not built up and are closer to Israel.
    As shown earlier in this thread, there are other such areas in Gaza not adjacent to the border.

    Why then do Hamas and other terrorist groups fire rockets from densely populated areas?
    Unless, that is, they are using the people as shields?
    Since, you know, otherwise they would be sitting "ducks", right?

    Ergo they are using their own population, by the scores of thousands, as human shields.
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    Aug 14, 2018 2:15 AM GMT
    It's hilarious. After not posting about the Arab-Israeli conflict on RJ for 3 months, I did on Saturday
    Within minutes the AyaTrolLiar responded. Not in the same (peace) thread, but of course... elsewhere.

    Amazing that in 3 months there was nothing else of interest for him on RJ, but nonetheless - bored in his mum's basement - he kept checking regularly (he once boasted that he stalked my posts every 10-15 minutes!) waiting for me to return so his flunky life will have some meaning (at least in his meager mind).

    In response to ONE SENTENCE and a link to this thread which I posted in beachcomber96's thread, he posted screenfuls of text, seeking to rehash what has already been discussed in this thread, where his nonsensical snakeoil has already been discredited. So it's easy to understand whey he posted... elsewhere. But why not in beachcomber96's thread where I had posted? Trolls can never discuss a topic in its thread for exactly this reason!

    AyaTrolLiar> "Some Gazans have admitted that they were afraid of criticizing Hamas, but none have said they had been forced by the organisation to stay in places of danger and become unwilling human-shields."

    Oy. That is one form of human shielding. What is wrong with him that he still can't comprehend that just because they didn't do so that they aren't guilty of other forms of human shielding?

    For example, at one point Hamas leaders called on people to surround targets to shield them.
    That the people did so voluntarily, even if not at gunpoint, doesn't change that this is human shielding!

    Anyone think that Hamas or other terrorist groups ask the scores of thousands of people - civilians! - in a neighborhood if it's okay with them to fire rockets from behind their homes?

    That's another form of - involuntary! - human shielding.

    After all, isn't this one of the "most densely populated places on Earth" - and they launch rockets from it?
    Oh, wait, right, it's not at all remarkably densely populated, but it is an urban population center.
    Firing rockets from behind the population renders them human shields.

    5-10% of these rockets misfire and they have killed more Gazans than they murdered Israelis.
    Oh, I think that's a cue for the AyaTrolLiar to claim they're just harmless "firecrackers", eh?
    Yet it reveals how the AyaTrolLiar, like Hamas, hates Jews more than he cares for Gazans.

    Why don't these terrorists launch their rockets from open areas, both closer to Israel (they can shoot further into it) and not surrounded by their own civilians (who get killed by misfired rockets and when Israel shoots back to take out the rocket launchers)?

    After his lies that there were no such open areas (because it's "the most densely populated place" - as if that means there are no open areas?!) were exposed, the AyaTrolLiar himself has explained: that would make the Arab terrorists easy pickings for the IDF. And he claims that by firing from inside the city rather than outside of it they're not using their own people as human shields?!

    Yet again we see his disdain for Gazans, who he not only willingly sacrifices in the hopes that some Jews will be murdered, but his concern is higher for Hamas and other terrorists than it is for the people of Gaza.

    Anyone disagree with Aristo/Shark/speare who summarized him as "an all around shitty excuse for a human being"?
    Anyone not understand why he's been banned from RJ dozens of times? Yet he keeps coming back?
    What a pathetic, lifeless, mess of hate he is.

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    Aug 14, 2018 2:26 AM GMT
    See how the Arab terrorists launch rockets from behind their own population?!

    Whoa! That 4th (lowest) rocket barely cleared that large building on the right.
    It will still land inside Gaza given its low trajectory.

    This is Gaza... nicely built up - unlike most of Syria these days.
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    Aug 14, 2018 4:06 AM GMT

    Looks like there's been shooting stuff out of Gaza for while.
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    Aug 15, 2018 9:26 PM GMT
    Muskelprotz saidhttp://www.algemeiner.com/2016/05/04/hamas-caught-smuggling-rocket-material-as-israel-considers-re-opening-gaza-border/

    Looks like there's been shooting stuff out of Gaza for while.

    Is that why it's the holy land?
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    Oct 15, 2018 4:55 PM GMT
  • mwolverine

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    Oct 18, 2018 11:52 PM GMT
    An interesting thing happened in a thread about the recent Gaza "protests".

    The idiot-for-the-cause who previously claimed that all of Gaza is completely built-up and with no open areas posted this photo:


    Of course, I had long ago proven (using Google Earth) that there was no shortage of open areas.
    Noting that they were closer to Israel than where Hamas and other terrorists fired their rockets.

    The implications were that if the Palestinian Arab terrorists fired from these open areas:

    1) Misfired missiles (5-10% of the total - that's hundreds!) wouldn't land in the middle of Gaza (where they've killed more Gazans than Israelis).

    2) The terrorists could fire further into Israel.

    Having claimed to have been to Gaza, it's odd that the AyaTrolLiar didn't know these open areas existed.
    He would have passed through them when entering.
    Big deal. Everyone already knew the flunky was a pathological liar.
    More engaged in his pretend world available in his mum's basement than capable of dealing with reality.
    Isn't that called insanity?

    Of course, as seen earlier in this thread he had no interest in reducing Gazan deaths from "friendly" rocket fire.
    Gazans killed in the cause of murdering Jews/Israelis are just part of the "cost" of doing terrorist "business".
    He's happy to sacrifice them for the cause: murdering Jews.

    He was more interested in saving the neck of his terrorist heroes.
    Explaining if they did fire from these open areas they would be "lined up like [sitting] ducks".
    So instead they take their rocket launchers to the city and fire them from amongst and behind scores of thousands of civilians.
    Clearly to SHIELD themselves, using those civilians, so that they are not sitting "ducks".
    This was the AyaTrolLiar's explanation!

    Then he pretends that the terrorists aren't using Gazans as human shields because that could only happen if they fired from the open areas but forced civilians out there, in rings around the rockets launchers?

    As if bringing the rockets to the city isn't the exact same result, but worse - with even more civilians?

    Is there anyone who doesn't understand why Aristo/Shark/speare branded the AyaTrolLiar "an all around shitty excuse for a human being"?
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    Nov 17, 2018 3:01 AM GMT
    Cute headline showing his utter contempt not just for the truth, but for Gazans:

    AyaTrolLiar whatever
    Amnesty International & Human Rights Watch Accuse ISRAEL of [Human Shielding] (Not Hamas Or Hizbullah)

    HRW> Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups have frequently violated the laws of war by firing rockets from within populated areas.

    HRW> parties to a conflict violate the laws of war when they fail to take all feasible precautions to avoid placing forces, weapons, and ammunition within or near densely populated areas. Deliberately using civilians to deter attacks on military targets amounts to “human shielding,” which is a war crime.

    HRW> Human Rights Watch researchers found that armed groups endangered civilians by firing rockets from populated areas.

    HRW> residents of the area shouted at Hamas fighters to prevent them from entering a garden immediately next to the building he lived in, apparently with the intention to use it to fire rockets. “I had already left [the area] but my neighbor, the grocery store owner, was watching and he called me to come back,” the witness said. “The Hamas guys had already cut the wires of the gate to break in. All the people got together and shouted at them to leave, told them the rockets were going to backfire on us. After that we came back every day to the garden for a few hours to prevent them from firing from it.”

    HRW> Recommendations to Hamas:

    HRW> Cease all rocket attacks that target civilians or are fired into civilian areas with rockets that cannot discriminate between military objectives and civilians;

    HRW> Cease conducting attacks from locations near populated areas in Gaza in violation of international humanitarian law requiring all feasible precautions to protect civilians from the effects of attacks, and avoid locating military objectives in densely populated areas;

    See also:

    Amnesty International: Rocket and mortar attacks by Palestinian armed groups is unlawful and deadly
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    Nov 17, 2018 7:34 PM GMT
    I don't read the AyaTrolLiar's threads. If he wants to debate issues, he can post on topic in existing threads.
    But a friend did email me this hilarious claim (after the outright lie in the headline exposed above):

    AyaTrolLiar whatever barfed
    Fighting, including stationing troops and weapons, in populated areas is not a violation of the laws of war. To quote the Routledge Handbook of the Law of Armed Conflict:

    || For the prohibition [against human shields] to apply, civilians must be INTENTIONALLY STATIONED near military objectives — or, conversely, military objectives [stationed] among civilians — in order to deter attacks. THEIR MERE PRESENCE IN PROXIMITY TO COMBATANTS AND OTHER MILITARY OBJECTIVES, OFTEN INEVITABLE DURING FIGHTING IN POPULATED AREAS, IS NOT A VIOLATION. [My emphases]

    — Routledge Handbook of the Law of Armed Conflict, p.170 (7.2: “Elements of the prohibition”)

    As usual, the flunky gets it exactly backward while ignoring the portion in red which proves my point.
    The rocket launchers are INTENTIONALLY placed amongst and behind the civilian population (rather than in open areas).
    This is NOT a "mere presence" but INTENTIONAL.
    The AyaTrolLiar himself explained that it was to shield the rocket launchers who otherwise would be sitting "ducks".

    It is done precisely to "deter attacks", or worse, actually, to ensure there are civilian casualties (and thus a political cost to the other side) when the attacks on those legitimate military targets follow.

    Again, this is not urban fighting which "inevitably" will be near civilians.
    It is shielding rocket launchers with civilians to "deter attack", while firing missiles from behind those civilians.
    Worse, it is choosing and rendering the urban center to be the battlefield when that could be avoided.

    How odd that it is Israel which wants to avoid innocent Gazan casualties while Hamas seeks to maximize them for political gain!
    And that this is endorsed and encouraged by flunky useless idiots who clearly hate Jews/Israel more than they care for Gazans.

    How mentally deprived and venomously depraved must someone be to twist this and be so wrong?