Real Jock powers that be, enough with the video invasion!! Yes, bitchiness is about to happen, but before it does, I wanna say this is one of my favorite sites on the net. It is more like a gay refuge from all the sites on the net that are obsessed with image and leave no room for discussion or privacy.

Ok, i'm done being nice. The main page is too cluttered these days with video garbage. Personally, I liked how the main page was always dedicated mostly to fitness related literature with a little corner reserved for the MEN of RealJock. NOW, it seems that corner has spilled out onto the whole page, threatening to invade it. The forums list is even shorter and has been moved from it's deservedly center position over to the right to make room for MORE videos. Please, RealJock, you were always so intelligent, don't become like other sites and push aside the written word for superficial things like videos of "marginally" hot guys performing simple exercises and personal videos of RealJockers, spelunking and flexing---so entertaining, NOT!!

It was perfectly fine when these items were kept hidden in a profile one had to choose to open. Now, I am confronted with it as soon as I enter. It reminds me of walking into a house and people have left the doors to their messy bedrooms open. That is such a huge peeve of mine.

So there it is, my formal complaint.I posted it publically because I wanted you to read it and get opinions from my fellow RealJockers. I liked the old main page!! Photobucket