Build Me Up Or Tear Me Down????

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    May 04, 2008 8:45 AM GMT
    I really guess this is your choice??? I have always noticed the kid that was bullied in school, became a control freak, such as a policeman and the like... I always thought it better to build someones self-confidence rather than making them have a bad self image of themselves...

    With me being bisexual and not totally out. I find it hard to find a GF that will except my lifestyle or a BF that was not CRAZY. I guess that why I stay sexually inactive anymore. It's really kind of SAD sometimesicon_sad.gif

    All through high school people always thought I was gay; which made getting a girlfriend even that much harder. I guess I am on a RANT. As I am getting older. I have found out I choose the people around me. Most people I have come across are of a good nature till you have left the room and they have to thrash someone to build themselves up...

    I know who I am, What I am, and what I deserve as a human....

    I have not reached all my goals yet, but I do believe I prefer encouragement to punishment....icon_idea.gif

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    May 04, 2008 9:07 AM GMT
    I think bi people get an especially bad rap because the straights still think you're gay...and so do the gays.

    Having been married twice myself, I understand the attraction to women and could possibly have a relationship with one that didn't seem crazy, but the duality of constantly living as a bisexual is simply not appealing to me. I identify as gay.

    I believe living in the south, as you do, makes yours an even more difficult situation but as you said, you know who you are.