LuLulemon NEEDS to tone it!!!

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    May 05, 2008 11:59 PM GMT
    Ok so i've been reluctant to step into a Lululemon because as far as I knew it was a huge fad with the 13 year old girl set and i'm pretty sure there the last people on earth doing yoga... you kinda have to not be on your cell phone...

    Anyways. I liked the shorts because they made my ass look great the shirts were ugly and not worth the asking price.. but what got to me is this Bamboo brick..

    It's suppose to enhance your spirt and posture.. ok posture, but spirit? A block of wood is going to enhance my spirit? And there was someting about some god was inside the groove in the wood..

    Ok i'm all for yoga and everything... But when i'm looking at this, that slow rider song about the apple bottom Jeans and the boot with the fur comes on and i'm about ready to puke and some corporation raping every ounce of respect from what yoga actually is and stands for.

    And at the same time the thing sells for $25 bucks.. you could go to the Home Depot and get a Ceadar plank for less then that and you might find Jesus in it.

    What Lululemon should do is have a bull in all there stores that shits into a bag and sell that for a $100 .. because thats all it is, is a load of bull shit.

    OMG i've been waiting all day to rant about this. icon_biggrin.gif
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    May 06, 2008 7:35 AM GMT
    I have thought along similar lines when checking out my local Lululemon store. Their stuff appears to be well made. I got a warm-up jacket from there last Christmas as a gift, and it's nice but not worth $100. I do find their advertising/marketing to be a bit too much. I don't buy that the company's high-minded goals justify the high prices of its' products.

    Anyway, I buy most of my yoga clothing at Target!
  • Bunjamon

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    May 06, 2008 9:18 AM GMT
    My roommate works at LuLu and is always wearing it around. Fit girls look great in it but I'm not a huge fan of the men's line. Sure, if I were in a dance studio it'd be great, but for the weight room?

    And it's waaaaaay to expensive, that's for sure.
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    May 06, 2008 2:55 PM GMT
    Yeah the quotes and everything about that place just seemed really preachy.. kinda like ex smoker preachy.

    It was just a rank day for shopping. Even Abercrombie pissed me off. They just spritzed the store and I walked into a cloud of fierce.. I felt like we were getting gassed. I could taste it.

    Thous employees are going to end up with lung cancer breathing that stuff in all day.
  • duglyduckling

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    May 06, 2008 3:53 PM GMT
    I absolutely refuse to buy anything from Lulu... it's way overpriced.