looking to gain muscle and lose the body fat

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    Feb 17, 2007 6:24 PM GMT
    I am looking to gain more muscle I feel like I am at a stand still with gaining muslce. I also have this gut that just does not want to melt away I run constantly and workout as much as I can at least 5 days a week. I can see and feel my body getting a little more muslce and defined but I feel that I am at a static point. Do any of you have suggestions on supplements and mixes there are so many on the market. I like how most of you say just set your mind to it and control your eating but there must be something that is not like steroids to help build the weight. I also would like to have some input on testosterone and the benefits of it. my libido is way down and I have been feeling asexual lately and most of my buds say that is not me. hope to hear some feed back.
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    Feb 17, 2007 9:37 PM GMT
    the thing is despite what many say ypu are running, pardon the pun, a tight balancing act there anyway so no wonder your results are not as you would wish.

    Eat less lose weight, Eat more gain weight,
    calories in calories out same old blurb.

    So you are putting X amount of calories in to turn to muscle and then you are running to burn of X amount of excess calories all the while your body is saying hang on I need this for muscle growth.

    first thing you need to get to grips with if you havent already is your diet. ie the exact calories you need whereby you can add a reasonable amount of muscle and not add fat. You'll only add the fat if:

    1) the amount you are consuming does not meet your expenditure

    2) You are eating too much over and above your bodys natural ability to convert the fuel to th myscle building process.

    now through in the fact that you are not giving your body much chance to actualy recover and build the muscle by placing it under exercise stress daily almost and then you see why its not performing as you would hope.

    As for the testosterone supplements there are very few actual scientific studies out there that actualy show any benefit for those with unspecified testosterone levels. Maybe those in deficit who physicaly know they are ie they have had a blood count test but other than that save yuor pennies as its only empirical data ie my mate took it and added 50lns of Lean muscle mass in a week!

    So unless you are gonna get tested look at the basics first:

    1) What are you eating
    2) what are you drinking
    3) How are you training?
    4) How many rest days do you have
    5) How much sleep do you get?
    6) Are 1 to 5 symbiotic to helping you achieve your goal?

    Theres a thousand diets and a thousand training methologies out there but unless you get the right combination half the time you limit your results and returns.

    Dunno if that helped at all!