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    May 08, 2008 8:23 PM GMT
    hey all, stumbled on this site the other day, thought it would be a good place to ask for some help/guidance/insight.

    yes, I, like most people, am looking for some weight loss help. i have tried a few of those late-night-infomercial-stupid-who-in-their-right-mind-buys-these-things products, all of which were promptly put away in a closet and never really used. I have tried the dieting thing, and I know it will help, but more on that in a second.

    about me, i am 24 (never too young to start!), about 5'6' and if the scale at the gym on campus is right about 165ish lbs. i have a belly and chest, which is the source of much uneasiness.

    I have tried to diet, not silly fad stuff, but cooking my meals, lots of veges, eating healthy snacks, but numerous food allergies get in the way. many diet plans i have seen, or foods that people recommend, include nuts and seafood; both big no no's. citrus is up there as well, but i do eat/drink oranges and juice.

    i used to exercise not on a regular basis, but on a semi-regular basis. i have been out of commission, or i told myself i was out of commission, for the past 6-8 months with a thorasic spinal injury (4 herniated discs). any time i have tried to use the machines in the gym i can get in a few reps before the shooting pain starts, even with very small weights. running on tredmills is also quite painful, and the elliptical machines are always taken.

    stress eating also doesn't really help i guess, trying to finish my master's thesis that i am way way behind in, which involves lots of sitting in front of one or many computers for many hours.

    i guess im just looking for any advice really. even, suck it up and get off your lazy ass will help, for some reason things like that seem to have more weight coming from someone looking in on the situation. thanks!
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    May 09, 2008 4:09 AM GMT
    When I got fed up I plopped down $800 bucks on a used Bowflex and got the book below. Worked for me. icon_smile.gif
    The book has a whole eating plan in it and other great stuff like superhydration.

    Link to Amazon