So I think I may know why I hate to masturbate so much...

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    May 10, 2008 2:23 PM GMT
    When I cum, I have this overwhelming guilt that comes over me (no pun intended) and it makes me actually hate being gay...however before it, I feel amazing and absolutely love it! It's almost like after I cum, I change my mindset completely, it's extremely weird.

    I have always wondered why this has happened for so many years and I think it may be more serious than I thought...

    I was taught how to masturbate by a sexual predator in a chat room...I didn't even know why I was there and why I was on cam! But I had no idea how to masturbate and I'm sure an old, nasty man taught me how.

    So I know I feel awful every time I cum and I can't prevent it...any suggestions?
  • Timbales

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    May 10, 2008 2:33 PM GMT
    It's not an easy thing to reconcile your sexuality when there has been this kind of involvement during your sexual awakening. Mentally understanding it wasn't your fault isn't the same as emotionally understanding it. From the sounds of it, it doesn't seem to me that you'll be able to have a healthy sexual relationship with yourself or another man until you get over this. I'd recommend therapy.
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    May 12, 2008 9:13 PM GMT
    I only thought it was me becous i'm muslim and sometimes i feel so bad that i cry. Or go to Tibliq that means fasting not eating anything. Thank you 4 posting this
  • GQjock

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    May 12, 2008 10:00 PM GMT
    Wow... my man
    It doesn't take much to see why this happens
    If this guy really was a sexual predator and if you were underage when this happened
    you were basically sexually abused
    you need to work this out
    I'd suggest talking it out with a professional
    but you need to take back your sexuality

    There is no guilt when it comes to satisfying your needs
    unless that is you're not hurting anyone in the process
    all of this is on an emotional level and that's why it's best talking it out with someone who knows how to walk you thru it