Finances... so exciting!

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    May 11, 2008 7:11 PM GMT
    The thread about Money, Money, Money, and some stuff I'm going through, made me want to find out how the rest of the married guys on here handle things. I'm defining married guys as guys who are married and live together (or guys who have experienced this in the past). Everyone else is welcome to chime in too though icon_smile.gif

    Do you share bank accounts?
    Do you share debt?
    Do you own your house together?
    How do you handle differences in income?
    Do you save together?
    How do you handle major purchases together? Trips abroad?

    How do other couples handle things like this?
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    May 11, 2008 7:11 PM GMT
    My partner and I got married (we're Canadian) last year, and have been living together for about 4 years now. We share rent, but my income is more than his, so we split the rent accordingly (I pay more).

    We haven't started saving together yet, as we both still have debt, but we're both paying debt off and helping each other to do so. That's been interesting, because we're both not sure how we feel about this.

    We don't have shared bank accounts, and so we have tons of autonomy, which is good sometimes, not so good other times.

    When we take big trips, or make big purchases, we usually save for it individually. Sometimes, such as with trips, this means that we both take on sizable debt to make it work, which we then have to pay off later on.

    We're thinking of doing a trip in the fall, but aren't going to have our debt paid off by then. Not sure what that will mean yet exactly.

    We don't own our house; we rent, because I'm adamant that the market in Vancouver is completely overpriced right now.

    In terms of differences in income, we haven't really figured it out. Sometimes I pay for stuff without saying anything because I don't want to feel like a cheap ass; sometimes I bring up that I pay for stuff and don't tell him about it because he says something that makes me feel like a cheap ass. Sometimes he gets frustrated because I don't want to pay for something that wouldn't be a big deal for me to pay for, because I don't want to spend the money on it. An example of this is a car; we don't have one and don't particularly need one, but earlier this year, he wanted to get one and wanted to share the cost. We finally resolved that, but it took awhile.