I have been working out off and on for a few years, but never really serious until the past 3 months. Lately I have been bugged by the fact that my right side is a bit stronger and in some ways noticeably (to me, probably no one else) larger. The main area is in the bicep and the upper lat/mid back.

I have read that asymmetry is completely normal, and as long as it's not major, it is virtually harmless. However, I find it unacceptable for myself and was wondering if anyone had some good advice for helping me have my left side catch up with my right, without intentionally resting my right side. Everything common sense I can think of seems like it could potentially be risky, or just make the situation worse, so would like to get some quality advice before I try any of my magic on it.

Which also leads to another interesting question, how important is muscle symmetry to you? Do you go through any unusual lengths to maintain or achieve it?