Has anyone ever heard of Body and Soul? There are three DJs that do their thing all over the world at clubs. ( I've enjoyed their music in Ibiza and Tokyo) The emphasis is on DANCE, not drugs and not attitude.

They were in New York City last weekend. Me, and the thousands of other people who were there had a truly magical time.

Single women were there, not to pick up guys, but to let loose and be happy. Straight jocks...the kind that might look awkward dancing, were all doing their moves. Gay men, not bug eyed and looking for sex, all smiling and dancing away. Asians, blacks, whites and even a few people in wheelchairs!

There was a feeling of community in the air....that despite life's hardships......that night......we were all human and there for the sheer fun of it.

Google them.

Has anyone ever been to B&S? Or to a club like it?