North America's SuperCorridor

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    May 31, 2008 5:38 PM GMT


    The initial plan for the unification of Canada, the United States, and Mexico was developed by a multinational task force of the Council on Foreign Relations.
    North America is different from other regions of the world and must find its own cooperative route forward. A new North American community should rely more on the market and less on bureaucracy, more on pragmatic solutions to shared problems than on grand

    Translation: The grand schemes of the patriots who created the United States are no longer relevant. It is more important to preserve wealth than to cherish the principles that created the greatest society in human experience.

    Included in the details of the report:

    * “…once unloaded from ships, containers may cross land borders within the region without the need for further inspections.” This puts US safety in the hands of inspectors in Mexico, who have a history of accepting bribes.
    * “…a common security perimeter for North America…. a common security perimeter for North America … will require specific policy, statutory, and procedural changes in all three nations.” We will have completely sacrificed our sovereignty to set our own standards to the union. All a terrorist will have to do is get into Mexico and he is home free.
    * “…common approaches toward international negotiations on the global movement of people, cargo, and vessels…” This would include common external trade tariffs set by the union, not by the member countries.
    * “NORAD should evolve into a multiservice Defense Command that would expand the principle of Canadian-U.S. joint command to land and naval as well as air forces engaged in defending the approaches to North America.” So Canada and the United States would assume the defense burden, and include Mexico under the umbrella.
    * “,,,a … North American Border Pass with biometric identifiers. This document would allow its bearers expedited passage through customs, immigration, and airport security throughout the region.” Free migration throughout the union with a biometric identification card — what a bonanza for terrorists and drug smugglers!
    * “…increase labor mobility within North America…” What was that battle we just fought in the Senate?
    * “…Implement the Social Security Totalization Agreement negotiated between the United States andMexico…”
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    May 31, 2008 5:56 PM GMT
    CNN anchor Lou Dobbs argues that the SPP is part of a plan to merge the United States, Canada, and Mexico in a North American Union similar to the European Union,[11] which has been referred to in other news reports as "mythical" and a "conspiracy theory".[1] Dobbs claims that US President Bush who has 6 months left in office, will bypass Congress and create a Union based on a Texas highway corridor.

    The Council of Canadians claims that the SPP extends the controversial "no fly list" of the USA, makes Canadian water a communal resource, and forced Canada and Mexico to adopt the USA's security policies.[12]

    On May 10, 2007, Conservative MP Leon Benoit, chair of the Canadian House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade, prevented University of Alberta professor Gordon Laxer from testifying that SPP would leave Canadians "to freeze in the dark" because "Canada itself – unlike most industrialized nations – has no national plan or reserves to protect its own supplies" by saying Laxer's testimony was not relevant, defying a majority vote to overrule his motion, shutting down the Committee meeting, and leaving with the other three out of four Conservative members; the meeting later continued presided by the Liberal vice-chair. [13] After these disruptions, the National Post reported on a Conservative party manual to, among other things, usurp Parliamentary committees and cause chaos in unfavorable committees. [14] [15] The New Democratic Party has also criticized SPP for being undemocratic, not open to Parliament, and opaque [16]; New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton described the process as not simply unconstitutional, but "non-constitutional," held completely outside the usual mechanisms of oversight. [17]

    Some thirty US-based organizations also sent an open letter to Congress on April 21, 2008 criticizing the secrecy and lack of any sort of democratic oversight.

    What differentiates the SPP from other security and trade agreements is that it is not subject to Congressional oversight or approval. The SPP establishes a corporate/government bureaucracy for implementation that excludes civil society participation. ... Facing a worrisome pact pushed forward in secrecy, it is time for Congress to halt this undemocratic approach and establish a process based on openness, accountability, and the participation of civil society. [18]
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    May 31, 2008 6:38 PM GMT
    Just another example of f**king globalization on a smaller scale. Not the direction I would hope our world were going in.
  • DCEric

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    May 31, 2008 7:15 PM GMT
    We don't really have a choice, with the rise of the internet (as we prove on this site), location no longer matters. What matters is competitive edge at the best price. Right now China and India offer that, without making major changes, the US will be left behind.

    Not sure if this is it, but possibly by pooling Mexico's labor force, US market and infrastructure and Canada's resources, it may be one way to get an edge on Europe, Russia, Brazil, India and China.

    Even African dictators recognize the need to move into a different kind of world. They have setup the Africa Union.

    I'm not sure if the NAU would be the right path, but we need to start thinking about the future.

    "The World is Flat" is a great book that details this.
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    May 31, 2008 8:07 PM GMT
  • DCEric

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    Jun 01, 2008 2:59 AM GMT
    yesh... now if we could just have town hall meetings about preventing the import of goods from China....