Muscle Building or Strength Foundation? Or both?

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    Jun 02, 2008 11:58 AM GMT
    Hey all...

    So I've always prided myself on having a nice lean, defined body. I could stand to gain more muscle, and have been lucky enough to not have to "try" to maintain my shape. However, I do wnt a larger chst yada yada yada...

    My question is tht I've always stayed phsycially fit and active...thus, i'm wondering if I should mix the Strength Foundation and the Muscle Building workouts...

    I COULD use the foundation...but I'm not entirely new to the gym either. My goals have shifted in that I wnat to gain weight and I'm not sure how to do so with the Strenth Foundation.

    Along those lines, what are the best ways to gain weight without, you know, actually gaining it (i like my 4-pack, I dont' need a keg)...

  • SoDakGuy

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    Jun 02, 2008 7:52 PM GMT
    You can do both!
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    Jun 04, 2008 5:42 AM GMT
    I've been focusing on strength.....when you are strong it shows.....I recently started with pulley work at the gym. It's pretty amazing how you can customize your workout and get creative.

    I've been getting into bending over and doing twisting exercises, using both high and low cable height. I concentrate on feeling my feet so that the muscles throughout my body are working.

    You buid strength fast and develop fluidy too.

    I even do exercises that mimic the muscles used in fucking and that translates into staying power..nice.