World Domination

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    Jun 04, 2008 4:56 AM GMT
    All right, admit're the perfect candidate. After 100 days of being ruled by me, you snuff me out to become the next world ruler. What are your first 100 days like, before you're rubbed out by the next guy's post.

    My first 100 days:
    1. Tackling hunger by re-drawing allocation networks and creating a global dry goods recycling program.
    2. Call for immediate ceasefire on all war fronts, then quickly selling all weapons to (again) recycle the metals and components for building huge...
    3. Desalination plants to increase irrigation in drought-stricken areas.
    4. Using unused war savings to purchase mosquito nets for every African, Asian, South/Central American.
    5. Begin training all regional politicians and leaders in MMA, so that disputes are settled in the Octagon.
    6. Instituting a free condom/birth-control program for every pubescent/adult.

    Rules: don't repeat, unless it's something that needs repeating (you'd have to notice if someone starts a war or something, in which case you'd possibly elect to end it and then sell the weapons...get the idea?). There is no need to be a benevolent ruler, if you think that's the best approach. Keep in mind the next ruler may change your world around if your plans don't "stick" well. Limit your laws to 6 or less.
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    Jun 04, 2008 8:28 AM GMT
    After a bloody coup d'etat on the mickeytopogigo regime, Sedative ascends as the Supreme World Leader.

    1) Start construction of colony ships and a space navy and set out to terraform and colonize the Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury's dark side, various planetary satellites, and probes to the nearby systems. Gear all research towards conquering the final frontier. Faster than Light drives, energy, stronger materials, genetic enhancements, etc.

    2) Restructure national boundaries into very small local 'republics'. Individuality (including customs and traditions from one city state to the other) is encouraged through athletic and academic competitions. City-states are planned and centralized, with huge spaces in between for the natural ecosystem. Farms are moved to offshore plantations. All protein food becomes artificial. Institute a kibbutzim-type of system in these city-states, young people are expected to do service to the community before choosing their own professions as adults. Each city-state should be completely self-reliant, though they can ask for help from neighboring city-states or the world government (i.e. Me) in times of trouble.

    3) Institute a random ballot type of selecting leaders in local governments. No one may refuse assignment unless obviously unfit (a minor, disability, illness, etc.), leaders are still subject to common laws and may be punishable by common jury, must complete term of 3 years). All laws would revolve around the main tenet of equality and empathy for everyone.

    4) Punishment for crimes/violent behavior/psychotic thoughts/political unrest is by behavioral modification, a term of service as a 'blank human', before finally being released back into society (after extensive therapy and probably hormonal/neural structure adjustments). Basically, a crime is paid for by time as a nonentity. All memory of the crime is erased on release.

    5) Contact motherworld and inform them of Sedative's success in invading Earth. And make an emergency escape plan back to the homeworld in case something goes wrong. LOL

    6) Enact eugenics. All babies must be genetically tailored to be highly intelligent, physically fit, naturally resistant to diseases, mentally stable, etc. Further modifications/education as the child grows which might include body enhancements according to the profession he chooses, includes aesthetic changes (including sex). I shall call this new line Homo sapiens superioris, and their parents will all look at their children in envy! MWAHAHAHAHA! And then I'll set out to conquer the Universe...

    now I gotta eat...
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    Jun 04, 2008 3:28 PM GMT
    1)After failed terraforming attempts bankrupt Sedative's government, and widespread rebellion divides the asteroid belt into at least four major and dozens of minor unfriendly confederations that sever relationships with Earth, I quietly step into the power vacuum.

    2)Since Sedative has depleted the cumulative IQ of the planet by exporting it, I start a new religion to rule the remaining embittered, impoverished, and slightly clueless masses. Heavy tithing and naked bacchanalia strongly encouraged.

    3) The eugenically-conceived babies are taken into "protective custody" to be raised as my acolytes and become the new master race.

    4) Start construction on an immense Temple / Fortress / Pleasure Dome in a pleasant valley somewhere in the foothills.

    5) Plot out trajectory that has me dieing of old age and sexual exhaustion, just before the invasion from the new Armies of the Outer Planets.