So, over the past few months my gym attendance has dropped down to Sunday mornings after Saturday rugby games just soaking in the hot tub before going out and playing softball and flag football.

As an active athlete, this is probably the most active I have EVER been. Three sports 5 days a week. What I have discovered is that I can't maintain a gym training routine, mostly because I am so freaking exhausted that the workouts aren't done with intensity and the next day at practice doing push ups or swinging a bat or running after a ball or running through a few people I feel every free weight and bar weight that I did at the gym and at the end of the night sitting on the steps to the house all I can think about is somethings gotta give.

So here is me reaching out. I dont want to go to the gym and spend 3 hours working out muscles that I actually have to use. Any recommendations on an in season workout plan that would help to keep me maintained through the season without breaking me off and injuring myself?

Thanks for any suggestions.