My first attempt at a real relationship(chat dialog as i told one of my great friends)

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    Jun 08, 2008 6:37 PM GMT
    i met this guy, 19, great lookin, and it was on a wrestling site.
    so, he wanted to wrestle and when i hear his name
    i realize he was in my history class
    this was tuesday or wed
    so, we meet up, we go hang around my roommate and his friends play some beer pong
    which is big for me, being able to be around str8 guys
    so all that
    cuddled, and the kid gives a mean bj
    i blew in under a minute

    which is a record
    i think
    ok so, that night we chilled a my place
    drank some beers
    and then went to my roomies
    ok soo successful night
    next night, he wanted to hang out with us so i took him out it with my circle
    allell needs to pay me for that
    and more pong and things of that matter
    and when everyone was gone he wanted to kiss and all that
    and im sorry but i wont kiss after cigs
    i hate cigs

    so that night was ok
    wants to come chill with me
    le me mention that i drive 5 mi to get him and take him back each time
    and this time he brings a handle of the captian
    and hes gettin drunk
    we hang out for a little and then im called to go drive some buds
    so he comes along and we hang at the party for a little
    and like most drunk people he finds an ear for his life story
    and contines to get drunk, so that night ended when i took him home
    friday, was just me and my roomate chillen
    sat as u kno i went to philly
    and got back

    a little tired from bein on a train 8 hrs
    but i get a little horney
    and i wanted to try that dick of his b4 things went sour
    so even though earlier in the day i told hi i was tired and was goin to bed
    i sent him a txt that read "wanna fuck"
    his response
    "fuck yea...come get me"

    so i got him
    he forgot to bring the movies that i told him, so we watched some movie off
    and were in bed
    im rubbin on his cock and everything
    and then......
    can u feel it mike...the suspense?

    he tells me that he just got out of a relationship, and he still loves the guy. hes 19 the guy 26 went to iraq for 3 months
    came back with a new bf from his unit
    and they all went out and got drunk as friends he came back, passed out in the dudes bed, and the new bf got pissed, so he cut him off completely
    so after hearing all this says, i really like you
    and want to go farther
    but thats where i am right now
    and im willing to get over it for you
    so me being horney says, does this mean we're not fuckin
    and he sayd yea we still sare
    then guess what
    passes out...cold

    so this mornin askes me what did i think about last night, and i say it was great...(the bj that i got).
    and then i realize that i have no longer use of his companionship.
    i have never asked anyone for sex, or even motioned for it, and the fact i got turned down, and a huge blow.
    i didn't tell him this
    but hes blocked from any more contact with me for these reasons
    not being str8 up,
    being drunk everytime we are together, which i told him about,
    smokin a pack of cigs within 5 hrs(and gettin upset cause i wouldnt make out)
    and not reinbursing me for gas the 50 miles i drove to get and drop him off, among other places.
    am i wrong?
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    Jun 09, 2008 2:02 AM GMT
    Thats just too much to deal with in such a short time. Your not wrong. If your not feeling a connection, why bother?
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    Jun 09, 2008 7:20 AM GMT
    Hmm... I guess stop trying to fit the round peg in the square hole. icon_wink.gif It's obvious your personalities and habits don't agree much from the beginning, if it won't work, it won't work.

    Go find another and good luck this time! icon_razz.gif