I've been part of LA Boxing in Herndon, VA (Work in Herndon, Live in DC) for almost a year now. It's been a great experience, the classes are definitely tough and keeps me challenged in the gym. Although my body is not up to where I'd like it to be at this point, I know I have to be patient and be persistent. It is my understanding that the compound movement exercises that I do take more time for the muscles to show as opposed to going and lifting weights doing isolated movements. Right? Correct me if I am wrong.

I am looking for a gay boxing group to practice with on weekends in DC. I am not quite comfortable with sparring yet but having other guys around who are also into boxing and can be helpful to keeping me motivated and perhaps get the courage to spar and have a sparring buddy and ultimately push me even harder. If anyone has any information that would be greatly appreciated.

I've looked on Team DC's website and was surprised that there was no gay boxing group.