Nude beach near Pendleton set to close

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    Jun 09, 2008 11:35 PM GMT
    This sucks:
    By Joe Bush - Staff writer
    Posted : Monday Jun 9, 2008 18:24:25 EDT

    Drop your — well, just grab your socks, and the rest of your clothes.

    A portion of San Onofre State Beach, on the northern coast of Camp Pendleton, Calif., has long been a haven for free-spirited nudists, but because of the recent rise in popularity of the park, the California State Parks department will remove the clothing-optional option.

    This may or may not disappoint Marine helicopter pilots and aircrew operating nearby, who generally deny flying over that particular stretch of sand.

    A three-month adjustment period began June 1, and park rangers will notify birthday-suit beach-goers that, as of Labor Day, they will no longer be able to let it all hang out.

    The park is the fifth-most-visited state park in California. Attendees have almost doubled since 2000, from 1.6 million a year to nearly 2.5 million. With more visitors have come more complaints.

    Roy Stearns, a representative for California State Parks, said there also have been problems on the beach with lewd and illicit acts.

    But not all the sand strippers are a problem. The American Association for Nude Recreation is trying to work with the park service and local law enforcement to clean up the beach’s less-than-wholesome image.

    Steven Hubbard, a representative for AANR, said he is aware of the problems at San Onofre and agrees that something needs to be done about them.

    He proposes that his organization adopt a portion of the beach, like they have done in other areas, to help keep it clean and deter illicit activity.

    It is important to him and other AANR members to have such places to enjoy nude recreation and even a game of beach volleyball — skins vs. skins, of course.

    “It’s like walking across the lawn in your bare feet, but so much more. It’s a freeing experience,” Hubbard said.

    Asked if nearby Marines added to the problem, Stearns said: “How can I tell if they’re Marines, if they are not wearing a uniform?”
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    Jun 10, 2008 1:25 AM GMT
    There are a few more good, clothing optional beaches in California to choose from. It is a drag they're changing this one.

    The one I like best is Red/White&Blue Beach - aka San Gregorio - south of Half Moon Bay. You pay a fee, park, scale down a fairly steep cliff and voila - you're among men - family - park your stuff, strip, and start running at water's edge. You go a mile or so to the end - where cliffs jut out into the water, assuring you privacy. Of all the beaches anywhere, this on ranks with the greatest of them all.
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    Jun 10, 2008 12:14 PM GMT
    That's so sad. Too bad there isn't a magic herb that wards off religious prudes.